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Auburn: Wearing the Right Footwear

Often, when planning an outfit- footwear is the last thing on our minds. The right pair of shoes can bring together your entire ensemble and make it look complete. Here are a few tricks to help you get it right!

Did you know that subconsciously, the first thing that we notice about people is what they are wearing on their feet? The correct footwear is essential for not only comfort, but can seriously increase your styling quotient. There are several factors that need to be considered- right from the occasion, to the shape of your feet. Not every shoe will fit you- in true Cinderella fashion. Here’s how to nail this integral part of your wardrobe and a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  1. The Occasion: Wearing crocs to a formal meeting is just as nightmarish as it sounds. Define the occasion you’ll be attending, and plan accordingly. 

For example- for a work meeting- you might wish to consider ballet flats, or court shoes in neutral shades. For men- formal, or dress shoes may suffice. For a day out shopping- you do not want to subject your poor legs to heels- no matter how high your pain tolerance may be. Sneakers, or a comfy pair of platform footwear can be the comfort+chic factor that you need to keep yourself far, far away from unnecessary torture. Many such occasions exist- from travelling, to hiking, camping, working out – define your purpose

From left, to right- flats, and court shoes
  1. Comfort– Once you have defined your purpose- establish your priorities according to what you can handle. Maybe it’s not a good idea to wear five-inch heels to the club where you plan to dance until dawn? When it comes to footwear- it comes down to comfort, or looking good. Does your occasion demand extensive walking or activity? Compromise with something you can handle. 

Block heels, wedges, and platforms can be a great compromise between style and comfort, and ensure that you won’t have to walk barefoot by the time the night ends, hopping due to calluses. If it’s a lounge where you plan on sitting, hanging out, and getting up only to take photos? Bring out your scariest stilettos and pumps- but do carry a pair of flats with you, just in case.

Try not to wear a brand new pair of footwear out for anything intensive- those need to be worn out before they can be worn. This is especially true for combat boots and sneakers- which become more comfortable with subsequent wears. 

Wear these out to make them more comfortable- (from left to right)- Combat Boots, and sneakers
  1. Matching colours– Neutrals are a safe bet, but a general rule of thumb when it comes to accessorizing is matching your footwear to your accessories. Match it with your purse, or your hat, belt and caps instead of matching it to your clothes. Or if you do choose to match it to your clothes- make sure there’s something to break the monotony. Matching pants and shoes? Not as iconic as matching outerwear and shirts, with pants in a colour that do not match your shoes. Matching dresses with shoes works because skin interrupts the monotones worn.
An example of colour blocking with shoes- breaking the monotones
  1. Your foot shape– Broad feet and pointed shoes are not a good match. If you have broad feet- go for footwear with round tips, rather than square or pointed tips. This will ensure that your toes are not compressed, begging for release. Here’s how to make uncomfortable shoes better.
From left to right- footwear comfortable for broad feet vs an uncomfortable pair
  1. Invest– Please don’t settle for substandard footwear that will break either themselves- or your feet. Always invest wisely in the footwear that you wear, making sure that the material is sturdy and lasts for years to come. Here’s a guide to things you should make sure of. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Wear sneakers with dresses, loafers with athleisure- try everything out. Rules are meant to be broken- and mistakes are how we learn. 

Featured image credits- Pernia’s Pop up shop

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