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AISA Stages Protests in Front of Amit Shah’s Residence, Reports Police Brutality

The members of AISA Delhi were allegedly brutally manhandled and assaulted by Delhi Police during a peaceful protest staged at the Home Minister’s Residence for the expulsion of Ajay Mishra in connection with the recent Lakhimpur Kheri violence. 

The All-India Students’ Association (AISA) held a protest at the residence of the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, on 10 October 2021. The protest was staged by the members to demand the immediate expulsion of Ajay Mishra, whose son has been accused in the Lakhimpur Kheri incident. They condemned the silence of the government at the killing of the farmers by a vehicle that allegedly belonged to Ajay Mishra’s son, while the Minister peacefully still held his position in the Cabinet.

AISA protests at the residence of Union Home Minister, Amit Shah. cr. AISA Delhi

The students took to peacefully protesting in front of the Home Minister’s residence. According to sources, the CRPF officers were lining the entire road when they reached the place. 

As soon as the protest reached Amit Shah’s house, the Delhi Police allegedly unleashed an attack on the protestors, abusing and manhandling the protestors. The images live from the incident were used as proof of the violence inflicted upon the student protestors despite engaging in a peaceful demonstration in front of the Home Minister’s residence.

cr. AISA Delhi

Following the alleged police brutality, many of the AISA demonstrators were reported to be injured. Allegedly, all of the male protestors present were detained by the officers and taken to the Mandir Marg Police Station.

tw/ Police Brutality

The female protestors, three in number, were allegedly not taken with them.

“At first, there were no female officers to detain us, so the male police manhandled and touched us. When female officers arrived, Delhi Police used the pathetic tactics that they always do. First, they sent our male comrades away so that no one could record anything. Then, one of the women protestor’s phone was taken away without any reason. Moreover, we were made to sit on separate sides of the road so that we couldn’t have any contact.”

Shreya, AISA Delhi Vice State President and student of Delhi University, told DU Beat.

Female protestors have also reported being physically assaulted by the Delhi Police. 

They tried to pull up my kurta as a way of shaming me, thinking that I would back down because many men were there. I told them I couldn’t care less. Later, they took me and my fellow female comrade to a bus by literally dragging us across the seat and throwing us in the vehicle. Inside the bus, they beat us atrociously for a long time. They stomped on my private parts, and hit my companion till her right foot was completely swollen. After some time, I couldn’t take it, and I began to cry loudly. I felt really helpless.”

Shreya, AISA Delhi Vice State President, told DU Beat.

Allegedly, Delhi Police officials were also heard saying, “Tumhe tumhari aukaat dikhayenge” to the protestors.

At the Mandir Marg Police Station, the students continued with their protest, demanding the immediate resignation of Ajay Mishra. AISA tried to lodge a complaint against the charges of assault and brutality, but their complaints were allegedly shut down with the threat of documenting serious charges in the FIRs. However, FIRs were still filed, and the protestors were made to stay at the station for a duration of 5 hours, till 6 PM.

DU Beat spoke to Abhigyaan, the Delhi State President of AISA, who said that the motive of the administration was made clear. He stated, “It is so strange and shameful that a man (Amit Shah) who calls himself the representative of the people allows, rather instructs this kind of violence to happen right in front of his residence. Any democracy worth the name would have the government removed in light of the brutal killings in Lakhimpur. We know the RSS-BJP do not believe in democracy or the constitution and their violent attacks on farmers and students reflect this.” 

As of 11th October 2021, AISA has taken the decision to lodge a formal complaint against the Delhi Police officials. They reiterate the immediate expulsion of Ajay Mishra and the demand to repeal farmer laws. 

Feature Image Credits: AISA Delhi

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