What To Cut Off During Cut-Off Season

Anxious, afraid, and anticipating  the upcoming Cut-Off lists? Here’s a guide to dealing with unwarranted advice, sky-high cutoffs, relatives, and the chaos that define admission season in DU. Online admissions come with their own set of hurdles- here’s how to tackle the unconventional ones.

DU forms are out, and the registrations are at an all-time high. Several people have predicted sky-high cutoffs due to the high pass percentage, not to mention that the amount of students who have scored above 95% is double the amount recorded last year. Keeping in mind that three subjects had 100% as their cutoff in the first list, how much higher can it go? Only October will tell. In the meantime- here are some things to keep in mind during the entire process- from filling up the form, choosing a college and dealing with the unpredictable mess that DU is.

  • Filling up the form- This is a pretty straightforward process. At the same time, getting all the details right is of utmost importance. We suggest either taking the help of a parent or a friend to go over all the details alongside you. Check the subject list. It is extremely important to make sure all the subjects you enter for the calculation of your best four are included in list A and B. Read out the form, have someone double check with you together. My father and I checked my form enough times for us to memorize my Aadhar card number- that’s how thorough you should be. (Even though I think my dad and I did overdo it. But eh, better safe than sorry)
  • Asking for help: DO not hesitate to ask your seniors for help. At DU Beat, we attend to admission queries throughout the entire year, we have covered every possible topic related to every quota, have course profiles for each course- click here to check it out. if you are interested in a particular college- text a senior who studies there on Instagram. I met some of the most helpful, wonderful seniors during the admission process who helped me through everything. Sometimes they are overburdened with enquiries- be patient. A few reliable sources you can trust are-

1)  DU Beat, of course

2) Collegedekho


4) Careers 360

These are the sites that helped me the most. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there’s always someone there to guide and help.

  • Unsolicited Advice: Results, admissions- nothing can deter brown relatives from passing comments on everything- from your course choice (“Beta English Honours mai kya scope hai? Take Economics, placement hoga”) to the college you should go to (“Why are you choosing this college when you got into that one? You will regret this.”) The pressure is insane. It starts to feel like your entire life rests on this one decision- choosing the perfect college. No one, and I repeat, no one knows what is the best for you except you. Not even your parents. Do NOT be pressured or bullied into selecting a course or a college you don’t like according to your parent’s wishes- YOU have to spend the next three years there. Not them. We tend to place too many expectations on college choices, and what miracles the right college can do for you. At the end- it’s all up to you. Colleges do not determine success- individuals do. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Cutoffs are not the end of the world- When the first Cut-Off list came out- my mind blanked. They release cutoffs one by one at a snail’s pace, and seeing the seemingly impossible percentages listed on the screen is a jarring experience. However, last year, colleges like LSR had seats open until the very last cut-off list. Do not give up hope- but PLEASE take admission in a college in the first cut-off list itself- whichever one you’re qualifying for. Do NOT wait until the second list- you can always change your college when the second one comes out. The process is incredibly easy- DU often goes live to outline the entire process. It was very hassle free for a majority of the kids.
  • North Campus vs South Campus- OH boy. This one is a never-ending debate. There is a false presumption present that South campus is not good- which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Colleges like LSR, Venky are testimonial to the glory of South Campus, and off campus colleges enjoy unparalleled peace and benefits of their own. North Campus is incredibly hyped, and is it worth the hype? Yes. But does that mean you should ditch a wonderful college in the South for a mediocre one in North just to get the “North Campus” experience? Heck no. Do not compromise on your education, and be misled by the hype. You will have an amazing time in college regardless- do what you think and believe is the best for you. Write down what you expect from college, what you need- and which college fulfills your criteria. The process of choosing a college is unique to every individual- I chose to follow my heart instead of what everyone around me proclaimed- and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Fingers crossed, we hope that admission season makes all your dreams come true. Approach everything with an open mind and heart, choose to study what you love regardless of the consequences- we only have one life. Do not live it according to the wishes of someone else.

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