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The Great Admissions Gamble: A Casino Unheard Of

Analysing the admission process this year, the only metaphor we could think of was that of gambling. Read ahead to judge if the admission process is a gamble or a well thought of experiment.

The big University of Delhi (DU) dream that lakhs of students dream about every year, but only a few thousand are able to make it come true. With the skyrocketing cut-offs, the limited number of seats and adding to the uncertainty of college V/S course debate, only few get to take pictures in front of those aesthetic red bricks, while most get the opportunity to visit the campus alone, only if their friend there can arrange the fest ticket for them (well, in online DU that is also not a possibility). 

But what if this big dream turns out to be a gamble? A gamble which was less intense last year, but this year, it made your life so uncertain that god only knows where that dream is validated or not. Let’s describe this gamble, in one of a kind casino, “University of Delhi Admissions

When the board exams cycle of the 2020 batch was coming to an end, the pandemic had entered India and had created it’s kind of panic; only the last few exams were cancelled for the children of that batch. But this year, in spite of knowing the fact that this virus is maybe here to stay, the 2021 batch were devoid of giving their board exams. All of them didn’t appear for a single paper; the exams which are supposed to be an equalizer among the crores of students in the country. Instead, they were marked on their performances in Class 10th, Class 11th and in the internals of Class 12th. “Tell us one thing, 11th mein padta kaun hai?“, this was a headline of one of the national daily’s in the country after the board decided on the marking scheme. A class is a time when you explore yourself, as class 10th is over, class 12th is far, and you are with the set of subjects which might make your future. Is there anyone who can claim that they “studied” in eleventh grade? If you did then congratulations, Einstein! 

Well, a central university who has the liberty of giving its brand name to around 60,000 students via their UG courses, should have at least considered once how unfair it is. I understand they must not be having any other option, but what was the issue with conducting entrances? If IITs can take their exams 4 times, what’s stopping DU?

A DU aspirant for this year told DU Beat under the condition of anonymity

Grey Shade of Entrances:

Well, when it comes to questioning what else could have been done, entrance is the first option that comes in all our minds, but then the question of accessibility and the intensity of the spread of the virus is something that holds us back. But thinking about all the other entrances that DU will be conducting under DUET, why not do that for other courses as well? All other universities who always had their entrance exams didn’t relax them for the pandemic, what was holding DU back then? But one also has to acknowledge the aspirations of those kids back in some remote part of India, who also have a DU dream like that of a kid in Delhi. Entrances do possess a grey shade when they are considered as an option other than that of the “gamble percentage”. 

Uncertainty of the ECAs:

One more issue that was pressing enough during the last cycle of admissions and again found its way through this cycle as well, was the Extra Curricular Admissions (ECA). Last year, after initially scraping off the ECA quota from its list DU reintroduced it with a provision of not having the auditions for the same. An ECA aspirant was supposed to upload their 5 best certificates, and voila if destiny wanted they would have made it on the top of the list. 

DU has a rich circuit of extracurriculars which is usually carried forward by the cherry-picked students. But now that their talent, which will be the deciding factor for their admissions, has somehow remained unchecked via competitive auditions, no one knows how lucky you need to be to pass through the list of thousands of applicants and make it to the top only by the certificates you can produce. 

All of this uncertainty, and we are still calling these admissions and not a gamble? A gamble which can be made into a sure short Netflix series. 

Drop Year & 2020-21 Admissions:

Let’s shed some light on another, not so hidden fact (which DU can’t see) In the uncertainty of the pandemic, a lot of students from the batch of 2020 chose drop year over so-called studying in online universities. A pretty smart choice because if I look back honestly I can’t even list three things I have learnt in this online mode and the anecdotes by seniors are a daily dose of FOMO.

Though there are a vast number of students who won’t even return to education due to financial constraints caused by COVID-19, a good portion of the 2020 batch will be appearing for entrances this year. Now a batch who appeared for almost all of their exams (except a few exams) will be competing with a batch who didn’t even visit their exam centres. In a conversation with DU Beat, Garima a DU aspirant from the batch of 2020 said,

“We are simply not being judged on the same grounds. We went through loads of mental pressure and appeared for boards. If not for every year at least for this year entrance exams could have been introduced owing to the conditions.”

A university which can curtail syllabus after weeks into the semester in a matter of days, entrance exams don’t really sound that hard to implement. Abhiyudai, another such aspirant said in his conversation with DU Beat,

This year proved how the importance of boards can be completely diminished and still granting admissions on the basis of such marks is funny altogether.

If we look further into this inequality prevailing, different boards have different criterias for awarding marks. One language subject has to be chosen in Best of 4 or best of 5 as per your course. Upon looking at English alone, ISC’s english exam is considered to be really tough, all credits to Shakespeare. It’s the subject which holds the strength to pull down your entire result. Whereas CBSE’s English isn’t the deal breaker which puts them at advantage.


A National University awarding admissions on the basis of results whose validity can’t be trusted is nothing but a farce of our education system and a Great Gamble. Thinking that DU is planning to implement the NEP soon, we would again like to question, then what were the issues with the entrances, or with any other medium, if we are ready to implement a huge change in our education system, why not include one same change along with it? All those who become lucky enough to secure a seat in this premier institution, cross your fingers and pray for everything here is ‘bhagwan bharose’ , much like life after the pandemic.   

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