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Seene Mein Cinema: The OG Trend-Setters Before Reels

When you go and watch a movie is it because the trailer was bomb, or because you related to another level? Let’s find out what makes the cinema stay in our seenas (don’t come with a John Cena joke here, please)

Remember when Gully Boy came out and everyone just went crazy with their ‘Apna Time Aayega T-Shirts? Or the time when Piku was released how Sarojini shops started selling the “Piku suits”? Or even if you do not want to think of clothes for a moment, do you remember Titan selling “Naina Frames” owing to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? You probably get what I am talking about now.

Be it the early cinema when “Sadhana haircut”, which is now popularly known as bangs, became a trend or when Bobby released the Polka Dot T-Shirts which blew up the fashion markets, cinema has an everlasting effect on our style. One movie, one scene and one actor pulling off one amazing look – either by their hair, or by their clothes – it does not take much time for that look to become a trend.

Well, as a generation of Instagram reels, we tend to forget trends within months, but these trends set in by cinema are something we hardly forget, I mean we still see one guy in a room trying to be funny by saying, “Kitne aadmi the?” whenever someone tries to tell in the number of people in that very room. The big screen does give us hopes of being relatable, being relevant and most importantly being trendy.

The Salman Khan bracelet never goes old and neither does his placement of sunglasses when he is in the uniform. Whenever we see a dashing police officer, diligently working and who has a name that the local nuisance creators are afraid of, we usually refer to them as “Singham” or “Dabbang”, solely because of the amazing portrayal of them on the silver screen.

“How’s the josh?”, “High, sir!”. I can never forget how crazy the youth of the country went when Uri hit the theatres. This craze is not limited to the big screen. Let us look at a recent series, how many of us want to be “A Minimum Guy”? We just find our solace in the relatability of the actor and the script.

Now that we are experiencing everything online, how can I not mention WhatsApp Stickers? I mean whatever you want to say and express in three lines, one Jethalal sticker does that for you in just one click. Everyone of us has their own collection of Hera Pheri Scenes, in which “Utha Le Re Deva Utha Re Baba” is the most used one (if I consider all of us as DU students what else will represent our existence)

Cinema and its relatability are here to stay. Once again Salman Khan may change his hairstyle and half of the male population might look like the lover of “Tere Naam” and this is not a joke. Well, things alongside cinema, except the cinematography, script and everything technical, we as audience will always subconsciously devour for “relatability”.

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