Now&Me- A Community Support Network We All Need

Bani Singh and Drishti Gupta both are Statistics Major from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. Bani, a hot chocolate lover and Drishti, a coffee lover, crossed paths for the very first time at LSR’s Nescafe and that’s where their journey began! Now&Me was first conceptualised by Bani, who built the prototype of the product.

Now&Me is a peer to peer community support network for people to feel better during tough times. Users can express whatever they’re feeling in a safe space, with the option of doing so anonymously, and interact with others who might have been through similar things as them. It also equips them with resources and tips to navigate and lead a better life.

This community comes totally free of cost ensuring that a lack of resources does not pave a hindrance to the free flow of emotions. Now&Me believes in the un-bottling of emotions and facing them by talking it out.

Now&Me has recently raised $1M in seed funding led by Saama and Whiteboard Capital. With this round of funding, we plan to onboard highly passionate individuals to our team, who want to change the mental health landscape. We plan on expanding our engineering, design, and product growth teams with a strong focus on community-building efforts.

Though we have seen a pandemic hit last year which has brought a lot of attention to mental health issues, most of the conversation around mental health has been centred around specialist help or support groups which is typically a sign of serious underlying conditions. At Now&Me, Drishti and Bani are working towards normalising peer group conversations around mental health at a much earlier stage by building a safe, open and free community hopefully helping people share without any fear of being judged. We are excited to be a part of this mission to help reduce serious mental health issues and wish the team luck on their journey ahead.

Anshu Prasher, Partner, Whiteboard Capital said,

There is growing awareness about the importance of mental health. Especially in the backdrop of the pandemic, it is increasingly being treated with the same level of importance that has been accorded to physical health conventionally. Now&Me’s community-led model of care and support is a unique and differentiated approach. We are excited by the traction shown by the company and are impressed by the passion demonstrated by the founders.

Ash Lilani, Managing Partner, Saama Capital said,

Now&Me has very recently launched a global campaign called the #NOWyouseeME Campaign. This campaign will aim at helping people feel vulnerable, accepted, and most importantly seen. The aim of the campaign would be for our users to be able to find a safe space to openly and comfortably talk about their “usual” mental health difficulties. For them to feel accepted in their true and real selves. For them to not feel the need to alter their selves to a version that seems more socially acceptable. This campaign aims at making everyone realise that they are unique and they are enough, just the way they are. Also, their issues are not little and they’re not alone when it comes to fighting their battles and we at Now&Me provide a platform that helps them realise that.

We aim to spread the word regarding this campaign via individuals with highly engaging audiences who have been using their platform to create an impact and people who wish to contribute towards mental health advocacy via their content. The perception of having the perfect lives seems to take a toll on everyone via the cycle of comparison and through the influencers leading this campaign, this cycle would be broken and we can aim to create more realness and vulnerability within the community.

Now&Me, in 2 years of operation is loved by millions of people from across 180+ countries. We only hope to grow more and more with each passing day, helping create more conversation around mental health!

Riya Mathur