DUTA Calls for Social Media Campaign Against Implementation of NEP 2020

As the Executive Council went ahead with the implementation of the recommendations stipulated by NEP 2020, DUTA called for a social media campaign against the hurried decision and raised concern over the mandates of the policy.

The Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) voiced their opposition to the hasty recommendations of the NEP 2020 by calling for a social media campaign against the decision on 31 August, 2021. As the Executive Council approved the FYUP with Multi Entry and Exit System (MEES), DUTA condemned the reforms advocated without incorporating suggestions from the teachers.

The Association raised their concerns on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by sharing placards and photographs, and using hashtags such as #RejectNEP. They were joined by students in their demands, who dissented against the drawbacks of the anti-academic policy.

The DUTA has pointed out five key reasons that stand against the mandate. These include but are not limited to concerns over feasibility, additional expenditure, reduction of workload, lack of feedback, and the discontinuation of the MPhil course.

The first concern points to the feasibility of the recommendations, whose implementation for the academic year of 2022-23 has been regarded as rushed and unplanned by the Association. Secondly, with the FYUP structure being reinstated by the University, issues such as increased expenditure for the course have been brought to the limelight. The impact of choosing to opt out early, as well as the untested effect of this change on the job market, are all concerns that the Association has raised.

Moreover, DUTA stipulates that a reduction of coursework spread over a span of four years will see a direct negative impact on the workload of all the students. It also condemns the absence of feedback from teachers and Departments on the implementation of the one year and two years Post-Graduate Programme.

Lastly, the discontinuation of the MPhil degree has been reprimanded as an ill-considered decision, not taking into account the needs of students belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds as well as the importance of the course as a preparation mechanism for PhD degrees.

In a press release, DUTA has stated that it will oppose any restructuring that affects its stakeholders, and resist the burden on teachers, students, parents, and the institution. The statement also stands against the hiring of teachers based on MEES, SWAYAM and ABC Regulations 2021 and Blended Learning, which would lead to instability and reduction in workload. In the light of teachers being hired on ad-hoc and temporary basis for the past decade, the Association has called for a one-time Regulation for the Absorption of ad-hoc and temporary teachers, and demands that the MoE and the UGC concede to it immediately.

In a statement to DU Beat, Rajib Ray, President, DUTA said, “It is extremely unfortunate that the Government too has pushed forward major restructuring through NEP 2020 without consulting the Parliament. Recommendations are being notified as UGC Regulations and now Universities are pushing them in a similar manner by bypassing stakeholders. “

DUTA will take forward the demands and continue to fight back in cooperation with students and other sections of the society.

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