Content Creation and Quarantine

The pandemic resulted in a massive surge of content creators across all social media platforms. Stuck within their rooms, many people started experimenting with tools like reels, YouTube and podcasts to keep themselves engaged. What exactly contributed to this sudden rise? 

One cannot talk about content creation without paying homage to its fallen ancestor- TikTok, riding a phenomenal high before its early demise in July. An article by Scroll reports that nearly 30% of all Indian Smartphones had the app downloaded. When India entered lockdown- everything ceased to function. To battle the sudden stagnancy that had occupied the entire world, people turned to their phones- dependent on the internet as their only connection to the outside world.

People suddenly had time for all the things they had never tried before. The hyper-productivity associated with the first lockdown laid the foundation for the sudden surge in content creation. Viral internet recipes like Dalgona coffee, TikTok dances, and other similar trends had taken over our lives- present in the homes of every teenager stuck inside. Some of the biggest creators on Instagram today started their journey here. Their following skyrocketed and transferred itself to Instagram after the app got banned.

The list of popular content creators born during the pandemic is massive- Kareema Barry, Apoorva (better known as @the.rebel.kid), Dev Rayani, Mansi Ugale, Yuvraj Dua- we’ve all seen at least one video by them on our explore pages. They all decided to pursue their dream of creating content during the pandemic- and it paid off. The introduction of reels by Instagram in place of the vacuum created by the absence of TikTok did not deter this growth. With many people sardonically calling it the “new TikTok”, short-form videos are dominating every app. It is the reels that skyrocketed the growth of these new influencers and brought forward in its wake the boom in content creation.

Inspired by witnessing these creators grow in front of their own eyes, it became clear to the common public that amassing a big following on social media is not that hard. People go viral for the stupidest things possible- and all it takes is one viral reel to bring in new followers and start your journey in the world of social media. However, it isn’t that effortless at all. 

Creators are becoming more transparent with the massive amount of work that goes into creating their content, and people are finally realising that being a content creator is not as cracked up as it may seem. One vital perk of being an influencer is receiving PR packages where companies send you stuff for free, and you advertise their products to your followers. However, some of the most coveted brand deals are incredibly strict and specific, dictating what clothes you can wear to the kind of shots you can take. Some of the 15-second reels that feature on your explore page take nearly three days to shoot- and some go even more above and beyond. Most of these content creators were not supported by their friends and family early during their journey either and had to face massive judgment. 

The notion of disregarding influencers and content creators as people without a real job is rooted in misogyny- as the field is dominated by women. The pandemic has brought forward a new sense of appreciation and recognition for content creators. Perhaps finally- they will get the credit they deserve and inspire more people to follow their dreams despite all odds. 

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Chiransha Prasad

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