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Auburn Umbrella: Fashion in Online College

Fashion and college kids go hand in hand, but what if colleges don’t happen in the designated buildings, will fashion have the same meaning as always? Let’s find out.

Remember those days when college students used to rush to Sarojini Nagar, Kamala Market, and every other aesthetic shop lane in Delhi in order to get the best combination of outfits for themselves, for the most affordable prices? When everyone helped each other out to mix and match the Green Kurta from Myntra with the heavy hoops from Chandni Chowk to look the best in college and to have the most amazing Instagram feed. Well, those days seem long lost, don’t they now? 

Now that college has a new definition – being in front of a screen, tucked into an isolated corner of your home while you constantly worry about your internet bandwidth – do you really feel that the word “Fashion” has its meaning now? When we hear the word fashion what all comes to our mind? Komal Pandey’s aesthetic yet unreal Instagram feed? Or Sejal Kumar’s evolved videos? Or that Uncle at the corner of the street who screams at the top of his voice, “100 ka 4, 100 ka 4”? Well, fashion is very subjective to explain but if I would say that students are fashionable in an online college, well that will sound unconventional to everyone (I guess).   

But still, you see students pulling off amazing looks in an online college, starting from, “I have officially left hope in life” – in this, a student has no idea what they are wearing for how long they are wearing that, and if not poked, they might wear the same pair of clothing forever. Second, “the upper body should be presentable enough” – in this, the student puts the effort of the size of an atom and wears a top that will look decent enough to turn on their camera. Third, comes, “I don’t care about the clothes but at least I will comb my hair”, they do, as they say, just comb their hair. Fourth, “It’s my class, I need to study, so let’s first put an effort to get ready”, to be honest, everyone has been this student at the beginning of their online college, but later everything just flushed down just as did our hopes to attend offline college. 

Fashion has traveled leaps and bounds through centuries, but considering that an entire generation of young adults will not experience that college fashion glam, is something hard to swallow. Nowadays, Instagram is the trend among college kids, but ten years back, Facebook ruled the social ground. It had a feature of showing past memories; now when the well-settled adults, who attended college offline, often have those pop-ups, they usually think that their fashion has evolved, degraded, or has remained the same, but once you think of these students, who didn’t attend college the traditional way, thinking of fashion is perhaps the last thing in your mind. But never mind, just remember, the world is a fashion show, and you need to put forth your best ramp walk forward, be it online or offline.

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Abhivyakti Mishra 

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