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Auburn: How to Wear Your Summer Wardrobe in Winter

Summer clothes are designed to help you stay cool under the sun, but with the fast-approaching advent of Winter- we can’t help but shed a tear at packing all those lovely dresses and skirts away. Fret not, here are some ways you can rewear them in the new season without freezing to death!

Rewearing summer clothes in winter is not a novel concept, and easily achievable through something fashion stylists swear by — layering. It is nothing short of an Art, because you’re only a few garments away from either looking like an artsy model off the Gucci runway – or an overstuffed snowman. Here’s how to do it… and things to avoid.

  1. How to re wear- Crop tops

From cute peplum blouses to the most basic crop tops- turtlenecks are your best friends. Layer a turtleneck underneath your top, and you can pair this combo with warm, high waisted bottom wear. Here’s some colourful inspiration that isn’t super basic.

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Here’s another way to do it- wear a loose button up shirt on top for days when it’s not too cold, and not too hot.

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  • How to rewear- dresses

Dresses are a wonderful way to show that you’ve put effort into your outfit without having to expend any energy thinking about styling an entire outfit. There are multiple ways to rewear these-

  • Wear the dress under a heavy-duty coat- trench coats, blazers, cardigans- pair it with your favourite outerwear. Keep it comfortable and classic with a trench coat, or go all out with a faux fur coat

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  • Layer it with a turtleneck- They are the height of versatile and a must have for every single closet. Simply wear it over a turtleneck in a colour that compliments your dress (neutrals are a safe option if you don’t want to make it super colourful)

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  • Wear it on top of your favorite puffy blouse-

Picture this- a gorgeous, billowy white blouse with a cute sleeveless dress, the kind with straps. Embody Parisienne chic or cottagrecore queen: you get the best of both worlds.

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Image credits- Sofie Valkiers

  • How to rewear-skirts

Unless you possess the extraordinary wearing-mini-skirts-in-2°C-weather South Delhi girl energy, here are some ways to wear them and not die from the cold.

  • Okay- you can predict this one. Stockings. Sheer stockings that really don’t protect you against the cold- which is why faux fur lined one’s exist. Pair the skirt with outerwear like coats, denim jackets, and wear stockings underneath to keep out the cold and wear your favourite skirt even in the middle of Dilli ki Sardi

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  • Thigh high boots: believe it or not, these actually work. Thigh high boots are a wonderful statement piece during winters, and if you’re iffy about wearing stocking under skirts- this is your next best option.

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  • wear It over a dress; feeling adventurous? Wear your favourite skirt over a dress- this could be as simple as tucking in a dress under a midi skirt or wearing a short skirt over a long dress. Here’s some inspo.

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 Image credits- Yoyo Cao

  • How to rewear- short kurtas
  • Shawls- Richly embroidered or basic shawls layered over a kurta- sounds gorgeous, right? Beat the cold by trying out this eclectic combination.

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  • DIY sleeves- did you know you can make balloon sleeves out of your favourite chunni? This would look gorgeous with a sleeveless kurta. Here’s a tutorial.
  • Cardigans- wear a cardigan on top of the kurta to create a balanced, cozy look.

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