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National Economic Olympiad by SRCC Open to +2 Students

The Economics Society of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), in association with Vedantu, gears up for the 2021 edition of the National Economics Olympiad while opening applications to students of classes 11 and 12.

The Economics Society of Shri Ram College of Commerce, in association with Vedantu, has invited applications for the National Economics Olympiad, to be held on the 17th and 24th of October, from high school students studying in grades 11 and 12. The last date to register for the Olympiad, which will be held in two rounds, is October 15, 2021. The registration fee is INR 200 and to avoid last-minute glitches, students are advised to fill the application form before the deadline. The top 3 students from each class will be given an award of INR 65,000 cash prize, with participation certificates for the remaining participants.

“Four years ago this started as a quiz and today it has evolved into a national Olympiad,” said Neeyati Fikariwala, the President of the Economics Society. “Economics is a beautiful subject which involves sociology, psychology and finance among other things and we wanted to provide high-school students with a chance to break free from the monotonous representation of the subject in the school curriculum and get a taste of the actual beauty of the subject,” she added. 

Last year, the Olympiad received over 6000+ participants from across 1200 schools and 400 cities across 10 countries. NEO 2021, aiming to provide a platform for students to apply their knowledge, will be held across two preliminary and final rounds with the former consisting of ten one mark questions from four sections constituting economics, logical reasoning, case studies and data interpretation. The syllabus is framed in a way to help students prepare for their impending board exams.“Questions will require students to bring forward their ability to analyse and solve problems and will present them with a window to apply and not just mug up the theories they study in school. As our tagline suggests, we wish the students to discover the economist within themselves,” said Neeyati.  The details of the final round, which is a surprise round, will be shared with the students only at the time of the test. 

Upon registering, students will receive a comprehensive sample questions booklet from the organizing committee, containing previous NEO papers and 150+ new questions for efficient preparation. “Considering that the first schedule of board examinations this year will involve an MCQ pattern, participating in NEO will allow students to gain experience with regard to how such question patterns function and how to approach the same,” quipped a deeply enthusiastic Neeyati. Last year, the Olympian received over 6000+ participants from across 1200 schools and 400 cities across 10 countries. 

Upon being asked to comment on the logistics of organising a program of this stature in the online mode, Neeyati also mentioned the amount of effort that goes behind meticulously framing quality questions and getting them fact-checked multiple times. “With writing so many emails per day and ensuring our participants have the intellectual experience of their lives, we are quite literally on our feet!”, she said. 

More information on NEO 2021 can be pursued on the official website of The Economics Society, SRCC.

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