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Delay in the Promised Assistance to Afghani Students

Women’s Development Cell (WDC) of Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara College, and Lady Shri Ram College for Women along with others release a statement pointing out the delay in promised assistance to Afghani students.

A meeting was held by the Dean Students’ Welfare (DSW) and Foreign Students’ Registry (FSR) along with Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi and Dean of Colleges Balaram Pani on August 19, 2021, to address and discuss with almost 50 Afghani students, the woes being faced by them owing to the crisis back home. 

In this meeting, the University officials promised them all the possible help and further discussions in subsequent meetings within the institution. Contrary to this, none of the promises that were made is delivered yet. 

Following this, a joint statement was released by the Women’s Development Cell (WDC) of Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara College, and Lady Shri Ram College for Women along with White Rose Club Centre For Diversity and Inclusion of Gargi College, Women Studies Centre of Jesus And Mary College, Hindu College Queer Collective and others to urge, not only the University of Delhi, but all the other universities of India to take immediate action and provide maximum assistance to all Afghan Students. The statement elucidated that the promise of visa extension, financial constraints, hostel accommodation, and Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship is yet to be fulfilled and that immediate action is needed to ensure the safety and security of students studying in Indian universities.

This statement also included “People on student visas cannot work here. Once their visas expire, they will find it difficult to stay in India. These students don’t want to return (to Afghanistan). Some of them have taken a flight to India from Afghanistan to escape from the Taliban. Women students are scared as they cannot be outside the country without a man accompanying them. We hope to get help from India”

Currently, there are 200 Afghan students studying at the University of Delhi in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes as opposed to 320 admission applications received for the academic year 2021-22.

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