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Auburn Umbrella – Blast from the Past: Wardrobe Revivals from Yesteryear

The last few years have seen vibrant fashion changes, and a significant part of this evolution is the comeback of decade-old trends that have defined the style statement for celebrities and commoners alike. Read more to find out.

Our style reverberates in every aspect of our life – right from the colors we choose to wear, to the pictures we try to capture, to the palette of our food. It represents us in more ways than one, owing to the billion-dollar industry birthed off its existence. And as in all the things distinctive of our species, it is certain that fashion has also had a long and lavish history – a history that ends up repeating itself with changing patterns of society, economy, and tastes.

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The nature of fashion has always been cyclic – what was adorned once is bound to reincarnate as a buzzing trend in the future. Right from slip dresses to sweater vests, countless pieces have made their way back on the evolutionary cycle of fashion. The root cause for this phenomenon cannot be attributed to anyone entity – factors such as marketing of a product, faring of the economy, celebrity style choices, and now with social media, traction gained by posts, all play a major role in what trend dominates the fashion market as a whole. Regardless of the many theories that revolve around the advent and demise of fashion choices, here are some trends from yesteryears that are all the rage in 2021:


A staple from the Regency Era, corsets were a garment of suppression and stifling throughout history, used to control the female figure to make it look “ideal”. Cut to last year, and corsets have had an enormous comeback, owing to their reclamation as symbols of sexual empowerment rather than oppression. They no longer adhere to the male gaze, and have become a must-have in both street and high-end fashion outfits. Shows like Bridgerton popularised Victorian wear, and the garment has become popular with TikTok users as well.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Zendaya have corsets as a wardrobe staple.


The last couple of years have witnessed the demise of the skinny jeans trend. As people give comfort priority over the figure of the stretch, the denim silhouettes are moving from sleek and body-hugging to comfortable and relaxed – perhaps replicating the shift that the pandemic has brought in our lives. Now, jeans and trousers are making a comeback in all sorts of different cuts and shapes: straight-leg, mom fit, flare, and bootcut. It is also better for the environment, as jeggings and skinny jeans were non-recyclable and very quick to wear down.

Olivia Rodrigo and Deepika Padukone are owning the baggy jeans trend with these outfits.


After decades of being an ‘uncool choice’, the scrunchies have dominated the hair tie market and how. Boosted by Internet teenage subcultures and the growing concern towards hair health, you can find scrunchies around the wrists of almost every Gen Z-er. Many of these are usually made of reuse or discarded fabric, and this has helped in the maximization of cloth usage. It has also been popularised for its soft materials and gentleness on the hair.

Lizzo, in a bejeweled scrunchie, poses with Lil Nas X at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.
Lizzo adorned a scrunchie on the red carpet; YouTube Star Emma Chamberlain popularised the scrunchie trend.


An accessory omnipresent in almost all 90s shows, shoulder bags are no longer a thing of the past. These baguette bags are being sported by celebrities all around the world, and big fashion labels have brought out their versions of the evergreen bag. It has received popular acclaim for its effortless yet chic look, and its versatility to look good with any outfit.

Rachel Green from 90s sitcom FRIENDS sports a shoulder bag; Kendall Jenner wearing a shoulder bag in 2021.


When Google Images owes its invention to Jennifer Lopez’s iconic tropical Versace Dress, there should be no doubt that this vibrant trend was bound to come back sooner or later. Tropical is the buzzword this summer, and this bright pattern has taken over several runway collections in 2021. From Hawaiin shirts to maxi dresses, the colorful print has dethroned floral as the summer and springtime staple, enlivening outfits with a splash of flora and fauna, along with spritzing our attire with the pop of color.

Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Versace Dress; Ananya Pandey sports a tropical print outfit.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that fashion trends from the earlier decades have left a prominent mark on the style evolution of the 2020s. Many have attributed it to the pandemic, given how nostalgia and familiarity provide comfort in times of crisis. People try to latch on to objects that remind them of better and simpler times, and a revival of old trends could be an example of this nostalgic solace. Moreover, as the pandemic made us give up on our regular schedules and the hefty demands it put on our attire, people decided to give comfort the topmost priority. Hence, an obvious shift towards relaxed silhouettes, casual styles, street-leisure wear, and laid-back looks has been evident in fashion patterns of the last two years. Hopefully, these bustling trends can find a home in your wardrobe soon!

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