Admissions 2021

A Step-by-step Guide to Clearing Your Admission Confusion

With the frenzy of college admissions, comes the confusion between colleges, campuses, courses- even universities. Read on for a helpful guide to clear your admission confusion and breeze through a hectic admissions season.

Every year, tens of thousands of students mill around the campuses of the University of Delhi, sighting colleges, desperate to get into their dream course and college. College is a way out-a a way onward. This year, and unfortunately even the last, has been slightly different in mode, what with everything being online. But the buzz and the hype remain the same. And with this hype comes the confusion. Here are some ways to reduce confusion and navigate these admissions in the more effective way possible

Pick your desired course

Remember that this is the most uncompromising aspect of the university admissions process- what you want to do and why you want to do it. The course you take could be the pathway to your childhood dream, it could be a subject you loved in high school or just one that appeals to you careerwise. Choose a course wisely, research the prospects of your subject, and look at syllabi from around the world to know whether it genuinely interests you. You must only study something that is meaningful to you in a way that will stay with you for the next 3+ years. However, if you don’t necessarily have one subject in mind, and are confused about what you want to do- remember that it’s completely normal to be confused, and thousands of others are confused too. Nobody has their entire life planned out at age 18, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let yourself breathe while you research the rough avenues you like and then slowly narrow it down, and you can take help from the Read-only section at the bottom of this article!

Pick your desired university

Once you have picked a course or a small pool of desired courses, venture into looking for what university you want. Factor in what is best for the course you want, and which one is most likely to give you the experience you desire. This could vary across states, across north and south India, across co-ed colleges and girls colleges. Academically, research universities that are known for the broad subject stream your desired course comes under, for example, the University of Delhi is known for its Commerce and Arts departments, and other such. 

Make a list of your desired colleges

Herein, your first criteria should become academics – after you have picked a university, which college has the best department for your course? Which one has a history of successful alumni in the career path you roughly see yourself in? Once again, which college offers the experience you want? This could look like someone like me choosing LSR because it is known to provide a free liberal space for women, or others choosing Miranda because it is amicably placed in the north campus. Remember to have a list of such colleges and not just narrow it down to one- because the outcomes of the admission process are not always in your control.

Speak to seniors

No man is an island- particularly during admissions season. Gather all the resources you can get, speak to people you know who go to universities you’re considering, speak to teachers, professors- try to make the most informed choice- but don’t overwhelm yourself with too many opinions, as this can be detrimental to your mental health and confuse you further. 

Always have backups 

Remember that admissions will not always go as you plan for them to even if you do your best to get into the college of your dreams. External factors like cutoffs, marks inflation, different boards, and even unprecedented factors like the coronavirus can lead to your plan A being derailed- which is why it’s important to then move on to your backup plan. Have backup courses, backup universities, and backup colleges so that not all of your hopes are riding on one very specific combination with extremely high stakes.

Take a deep breath

No matter how overwhelming it feels right now, everything will be fine. You are not going through this alone and you will never have to-and life has a way of figuring itself out. 

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