Working in Pandemic: Dance Circuit

DU Beat analyses the efforts of the numerous circuits through the ‘Top Societies of DU Fest Season’ every year. However, for the session of 2020-21, it would have been unfair at our end to judge and deliver rankings to the same amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Hence, this year we present ‘Working in Pandemic’ – a series that delves into the vivid experiences of the societies over the online mode. Let’s take a peek into the Dance Circuit… 

Hard times require furious dancing. Each of us is proof.

Alice Walker

COVID-19 has taught us a lot of things, the most important of it all being the skill of improvising and thriving. We all remember having been amazed and inspired by the glory of dance societies, then be it watching them practice on one of those early winter mornings or constantly succeeding in intercollegiate fests. 

However, when all that you’ve worked for comes to shreds is when you are forced to rethink and revise your ways, so as to emerge resilient in the face of it all. Expression through art becomes much more important in times like these as the hope, comfort, and recreation we seek in isolation can be provided through the beauty and joy of dance and the dance societies of the University of Delhi tried their best to keep that essence alive in them and in the people around. Let us have a sneak peek at how these societies managed to swim to the top even amidst a global pandemic.

responses of dance circuit

COVID-19 engulfed the world and left us all alone inside the four walls of our room. Everything changed as our practice sessions switched from offline to online. By the beginning of the new session, we were left with nothing: no juniors and no external guidance. We couldn’t even get done with our annual production on time. And this was not the end, our team members started leaving the society. We only had five members left in the end. When we thought things couldn’t get any better, we were stripped down to our lowest but nothing stopped us from pushing ourselves till we got what we deserved.

Dance Society of College Of Vocational Studies

The year was certainly not easy and exhausting, to say the least, for most. Dance is something that can be fully expressed only if emotions reach the audience and touching someone’s heart and soul through a screen is definitely difficult. Despite this, for most societies, it has rather been a learning and exciting experience, one of its kind. They held regular practices in the midst of the social isolation period and did not hold back from participating in events across the world to keep their spirits up. 

Overall it was a satisfying experience and we tried to find newer ways to keep the dancer alive in each one of us. Though this year doesn’t go as planned as there was no annual production and fests but we can proudly say it went better in terms of society working and has given a chance to all of us to reflect within ourselves and as a part of humanity at a larger scale rather than getting into the rat race of awards like every year.

Dance Society of Hindu College
responses of dance circuit

Apart from organising their regular workout sessions and webinars and participating in dance competitions online, some even conducted Dance Movement Therapy workshops for Corona warriors to help them cope up with stress. 

One of the key challenges faced was communication gaps as the freshers were not aware of the circuit and it was difficult to communicate to them the thrill and feel of the things they signed up for. Some felt that the online experience could not provide the same enthusiasm or energy and that the real experience was way different. This was furthered by the decreased participation and a lack of the assigned budget for some societies. Overall, connectivity issues, and decreased interest and discipline in the society kept most of the members at bay.

Tough and taxing is how I would like to put the experience. Though everything shifted online we were expected to function as we did physically when things were normal but the thing many did not understand was that it was a lot more difficult to reach out to everyone through online modes. I believe societies should be given more breathing space to actually benefit growth from their engagement in such activities rather than these turning to be a burden eventually leading to members giving up and leaving.

Dance Society of Miranda House
responses of dance circuit

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