Noble Initiative by DU Students Amidst Exams

A group of students from University of Delhi (DU) have lent their hands to feed over 1,630 out-of-work daily wage workers and labourers. This was implemented amidst the series of lockdowns in the capital city of Delhi. 

According to a report by The Hindu, a student collective from the University of Delhi (DU) has fed over 1,630 out-of-work daily wage labourers and workers. This was undertaken to help the workers who suffered from the series of lockdowns that were imposed in the capital city of Delhi due to the havoc created by the second wave of COVID-19. The above noble deed was possible due to the funds raised by the online crowdfunding. 

The visits undertaken by the student group to the houses of the distressed workers became stagnant for most part of this month with their examinations being round the corner. However, this didn’t act as a hurdle in their noble initiative. They moved to online platforms and contributed to the relief of the distressed workers by making digital payments to the nearby shopkeepers when required.

“During distribution, we keep in our mind that ration should be ensured to the most needy first. Our priority consists of specially abled, elderly, widows, families who lost their earning member and people who lost their jobs during the pandemic. For need assessment, we take help of trade unions or local community leaders,” – Roshan Pandey from the Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW) as reported by The Hindu.

The initiative named ‘Feeding the Workers in Delhi’ has received constant support from individuals around the city. However, the biggest challenge that the initiative faced amidst its operation was that of supply.

“We are a student collective which solely depends on the generosity of our online donors. We never have enough to give kits to all those who need it. The problem of joblessness is a big one. The government is not doing enough.” – Ankur Agraj from DU’s Law Faculty.

The conduct of the Open-Book Examinations (OBE) by DU for the final year students has affected the initiative tremendously. They have been caught in the trap of assisting the ones in need and appearing for the examinations at the same time.

“We cannot stop assisting those in need. Given our exams, we have begun making online payments to shopkeepers on behalf of workers as and when they buy essential items from them till the time we can take up the distribution drive ourselves.” – Roshan Pandey from DSSW.

The initiative undertaken by the students garnered praise from many individuals within the University and outside as well. 

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