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Meghdoot Hostel Authorities Subject Residents to Mental Harassment

With the recent collapse of routine functioning in Delhi, students of Meghdoot hostel are going through immense mental trouble. Continuous harassment from the Hostel authorities to vacate the premises has left the residents rather helpless and in search of some much needed relief. 

It is without an iota of doubt that one can agree to the suffering and troubles experienced by students amidst the ongoing pandemic. At one level students have to grapple with the stress of the approaching OBE examinations with the perpetual stress of impending deadlines, and on another level they’re subjected to instances of troublesome bullying, the facts of which should indeed reach the concerned authorities.

Recently, it has come to our knowledge that the hostel authorities of Meghdoot Hostel, located in the North-East part of the city under University of Delhi, have been harassing its residents into vacating the hostel by May end. According to sources, the mental turmoil started way before the pandemic worsened in March and April. The authorities are forcing students to leave for relatively insignificant reasons such as their fixation to go back to their respective hometowns. The disturbances reached another level when one of the residents became COVID positive on their way back home. 

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A rather overlooked and extremely important issue is of the approaching exams, scheduled to start on 7th June, 2021. The entire country is currently at a standstill, and with family members affected it is not viable or possible for students to go back to their respective hometowns with poor internet connections and recovering patients. Despite a clear mention in the hostel identity card and prospectus, the students are being forced to leave before their exams get over. Forcing students to pay guest charges rather than their regular hostel fee is yet another tactic being used by hostel authorities to mentally pester students. 

A total sum of Rs. 7550 has been asked for the month of June. Even during normal times, it’s extremely rare to find a hostel under the University name charging such an exbordint fees. As per sources, the situation has become so dire that residents are not being allowed to collect their belongings in spite of coming with a negative COVID report. 

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It is in times like these we realise the people who are truly the most vulnerable. Students leave their hometowns with utmost trust in the city’s infrastructure. However, time and again the authorities and those at the helm of all affairs prove to be apathetic – a fact which is becoming less surprising with each passing day. One can only hope that people realise the collective nature of the trying times and lend an empathetic and understanding hand. Till then, the youth must continue to mobilise and voice the experiences of those going unheard. 

Featured Image Credits: Meghdoot Hostel official site

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