Familiarity And Comfort; For Friends Who Stayed

We don’t admire our friendships enough. The reasons for their longevity often go unnoticed. In the end, it’s all about who’s willing to be there for you in the most simple, uncomplicated, rawest way possible.  This article is for those friends who stayed.

“Zoom tonight?” I don’t have to make an effort to rummage through seventy-odd WhatsApp notifications to find the message. It pops up loud and clear, under an absurd name my friends and I found funny on an odd Friday evening, and decided to change our group name. That name still makes us proud because of its utter and unabashed randomness, and because it has been our constant companion through all our highs and lows. 

When I look back, talk to my friends and explore the intricate sentiments that tie us, I realize how much we’ve grown separately and together. It’s only when you revisit the known and the familiar, you realize how much of it has changed and how much of it has unconsciously affected and helped you grow. Words flow out easily, grievances accepted and overcome generously. All relationships hit a rough patch but the choice you make to stick through forms the bedrock of most long-lasting companionships.

Friendships express themselves in the most inexplicable, beyond-your-understanding kind of way. You don’t realize when you’ve get comfortable enough to share and talk about your deepest traumas one moment and share a meme about a girl deciding to shave her entire body before the One Direction concert, the very next. The lines of what’s considered appropriate gets blurred and suddenly you find yourselves being vulnerable, bare, and utterly raw in front of someone you find yourself trust even more with each passing day. 

Days, months, and years pass by in a surreal comfort when you have friends who are genuinely happy for you and who are striving to become fulfilled individuals in their own respective lives. It’s as if each friendship was born with its secret recipe. Providing an unconditional embrace of a warm hug, a slurp from a bowl of noodle soup, a cup of hot chocolate not too hot but just the right temperature to gulp it down, warm toast with thea sunny side up or just a shoulder to put your head on and close your eyes. 

It’s only when you revisit the known and the familiar, you realize how much of it has changed and how much of it has unconsciously affected and helped you grow. (Image Credits: dewildesalhab.com)

We’ve gone through so much, in such little time and somehow realized that all humans seek is someone familiar. A safe refuge from all that’s unfurling and coming at you. A presence made up of equal parts of warmth, laughter, and all that seems minutely sensible in a world that doesn’t want to stop and amend itself. I remember evenings spent laying around with friends aimlessly, dancing on old Hindi songs from the 2000s, and as the sun went down, we all used to retreat to our specific corners, doing our own thing, time and again breaking the silence to share a laugh or ask a random question. Things haven’t changed, a peculiar screen seems to have emerged contrary to popular belief, it has weirdly magnified our bond. Comfortable silences have been replaced with fervent descriptions of the little, pleasurable incidents. 

“ I ended up taking a shower before 9 am today” 

 “ You won’t believe it, I made the perfect Maggi last night, better than yours for sure” 

“ I know I am being too hard on myself but trust me, I’ll figure it out” 

“ I met the cutest doggo today and she reminded me of you” 

“ I was missing you, so here’s a playlist of all the songs we were obsessed with last summer” 

It is when things get out of control in a way that you find it difficult to wake up on time and before you know it, it’s 9 pm already. When you feel as if your personality has ceased to be interesting and you’ve lost your innocence, you realize that all you need are a few people willing to listen to you, to remind you of incidents and jokes you forgot, of places you loved, understand you and just be there for you.


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