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DUTA Holds Online Dharna Against Displacement of 12 Teachers

In response to 12 Ad-hoc teachers of Vivekananda College being refused renewal by the authorities of Delhi University, the DUTA wrote a letter to the President, Secretary and Office Bearers demanding redressal for these teachers and organized an online Dharna. 

These 12 teachers have been teaching at the college for several years, having joined between 2014 and 2018.  DUTA’s demands for justice came because these teachers were refused renewals despite the fact that the Governing Body had decided to renew their services in the 5 December Record of Discussion, with the primary demands of the Delhi University Teachers Association being twofold: renewal of services of the 12 teachers and the removal of Hina Nandrajog, who enacted this decision, from the Office of the Acting Principal. 

The DUTA is spearheading an online protest/Dharna to comply with COVID-19 lockdown norms, which is being held on 7 and 8 June 2021 on zoom between 11 am to 1 pm. This is primarily for the immediate intervention of the Chief Minister and Vice Chancellor not only with regards to the issue of the 12 teachers but also to solve the longstanding problem of the college being unable to appoint a new principal instead of the acting Principal who has been in office for over 5 years.

This anger is not new-found- this is just an addition to a series of action programmess undertaken by the DUTA, including letters to the University of Delhi and the Delhi Government, following through with the Governing Body of Vivekananda College in their empathy for the displacement of these teachers. 

This came as a shock against the 5th December Record of Discussion, which had relieved teachers and DUTA alike, it affirmed that ad hoc teachers filling vacant posts must be continued till permanent appointments were made, along with the Governing body’s affirmation in its last meeting on 20th May 2021, which mandated the continuation of these 12 teachers.

To bring about change, and give these teachers and others justice, DUTA met with teachers and allies on Sunday 6 June to appeal to them for solidarity in their fight against this injustice. They appealed to teachers and Staff Associations for the mobilisation of people to be a part of the online DUTA Dharnas.

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