DUSU Demands Refund For DU Students Who Lost Their Parents To COVID-19

The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) has demanded the DU admin to refund the fees of some students and discussed the issue of Assignment-based examinations. The union also held that attendance should not be a proportion for evaluation.

On Sunday, 30th May 2021, the Delhi Univeelhirsity Students Union (DUSU) held that the Delhi University should take the measure of refunding the fees of students who have lost their parents or guardians to COVID-19. The union also said that the final-year students who would not be able to give open-book exams (OBE) due to the COVID-19 situation, should be given another chance and the test should be held in two phases.

DUSU made the demands during a meeting with the respective college student bodies of DU. The meeting was chaired by Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) president Dahiya and 52 other college students’ unions also participated in it. It was centered to discuss the issues arising in the academic year due to the second surge of the COVID-19 virus.

The State Secretary of ABVP Delhi, Sidharth Yadav communicated to DU Beat regarding the same. He said,

ABVP supports the DUSU’s call on the administration regarding various demands of the students. We had put forth various issues faced by students to DUSU and they have rightly represented all issues. 100% Fee concession to students who have lost their parents/guardians is the need of the hour. The university should plan that their ongoing education is free of cost. Other issues raised of OBE, ABE, exam form and fees etc shall provide relief to students. We hope the university shall respond positively and act upon it quickly,”

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In the joint statement, DUSU President Akshit Dahiya, Vice-president Pradeep Tanwar, and Joint Secretary Shivangi Kharwal said, “We are trying to reach out to every student of Delhi University and will make sure that the concern of every single student is taken into consideration.” 

“In the meeting, points were taken into consideration and we will now work in every way to make sure all the grievances can be addressed thoroughly and it is our responsibility to ensure that solutions are well brought up,” added the joint statement.

The meeting also discussed the issue of assignment-based exams (ABE). The statement added that the students opting for that should be given another chance to submit their assignments and attendance should not be a proportion for evaluation. There was also a common view that there should be a 100 percentper cent concession in examination fees for students who would be giving ABE.

It was also taken into notice that final-year students who would not be able to give open-book exams (OBE) should be given another chance and hence, OBEs should be held in two phases, according to the statement. During the meeting, there was also a dialogue on blind students’ writer’s fee not being sanctioned and on giving two options for the open book examination.

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We are trying our best to reach out to the students and raise their demands with the university. Students are already under a lot of mental pressure and thus DUSU will do everything possible to help them during these tough times.”

Said Akshit Dahiya, the President of DUSU, while talking to DU Beat

“The demand for fee-refund is extremely important as the students who have lost their guardians to COVID are already under financial pressure. University administration should understand that steps such as these would ease that pressure,” added Akshit while talking to DU Beat.

In the end, the DUSU made a collective appeal that steps of refunding fees for all those who have lost their parents or guardians to the COVID-19 pandemic should be taken by the University.

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