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DU Writes to Students Not to Join Assistance Groups for OBE

As the Open Book Examinations commenced this week in DU, the officials asked its students to refrain from joining assistance groups for any help in the examinations. The email was prompted after the officials got to know about a similar group floating on Telegram. 

The University of Delhi (DU) has written to Telegram, requesting that it “block” a Telegram group created to “assist” students with online Open Book Examinations (OBE). DU officials also sent out an email to all students, urging them not to join such assistance groups and threatening to take action if they did.

“It has come to the notice of the Examination Branch that a WhatsApp/Telegram group has been created to take help for examination. Students are advised not to subscribe to any such group. We have identified those students, and all these cases will come under unfair means and action will be taken as per university rules,” said a mail sent by the University to the students.

“We have identified 112-113 students who were part of the group. We have taken details of the group and also written to Telegram to discontinue such a group,” said D S Rawat, Dean (Examinations), who received an anonymous email regarding the existence of such assistance groups.

Since the group only mentioned OBE, we need to check whether it was a DU group or not. We will also try to ascertain whether the group was created to fleece students.

Dean Rawat

On Monday, 32,978 of the 33,302 candidates who had enrolled to take the tests did so. The exam was taken on Tuesday by 14,769 students out of a total of 15,374 who had registered. “The attendance was 99 per cent on the first day and 96 per cent the second day. These numbers are quite good. Even in physical mode of exams, dropout is more,” Rawat said.  The OBE was held for the first time last year by the varsity owing to the COVID-19 situation. 

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