DU Admission 2021: Registrations to Start from Mid-July

The University of Delhi aims to start the admission process by mid-July. With board exams being cancelled, students are yet to be notified about the entire evaluation and admission process, creating even more confusion in the middle of these trying times. 

In an expected but extraordinary turn of events, board exams for students of class 12th were cancelled. Much to the dismay of the students, however, there has been no communication about the plausible method of evaluation or the admission process into the University. At present, there have been numerous speculations about the University’s decision to conduct what’s been deemed as the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET). 

According to the acting Vice-Chancellor P.C Joshi, CUCET in no way will compromise the merit criteria. Currently, it is also important to note how the CUCET is being viewed as an alternative option, only to be conducted if the environment is conducive. Keeping in mind that all evaluations will be moderated online, the conduction of CUCET would require formulating and coming up with a proper student-friendly interface that would inevitably delay the admission process even further. 

For other central universities like Jamia Millia Islamia, JNU, etc. entrance exams are still in place. Delhi University proposes a different kind of problem – not only because of the enormous amount of applications it receives and the number of students dependent, but also any delay would consequently alter the academic calendar. As seen with admissions in the previous academic year, a cramped academic calendar puts unrestrained pressure on students to meet deadlines, juggle extracurriculars, and study for exams within a span of 2 months – something that would be largely unwelcomed. 

Muskaan Bhuraria, a recent high school graduate says,

With the cancellation of the board exams, one uncertainty went away with another one cropping up over the admissions of Delhi University which takes admission on merit basis. Everyone’s really confused as to how the admissions would take place as there are no clear instructions and the uncertainty is causing a lot of stress and making us search endlessly on the internet for answers. As future college students, we are in a time of massive upheaval. All of these situations are way out of our control but I feel focusing on the present is more important than thinking about the what-ifs of our life.

At present, complete reliance on the marks of board exams can also prove to be counterproductive if due attention is not given to the contextual circumstances in which most students sat for online exams and classes. Nevertheless, a holistic method of evaluation and admission is more likely to be implemented. 

“The varsity is likely to commence the registration process by July 15. We anticipate that by that time most of the boards will not only decide what they are going to do but will also declare their results,” said Rajeev Gupta, Chairman, Admissions, DU, as reported to the NDTV. 

Whether the University goes ahead with its decision to conduct the CUCET or prioritise board marks as its fundamental basis for admissions, one has to give due consideration to the skyrocketing cut-offs released every year and the uncertainty of the Indian education system. Whatever the decision, it mustn’t leave any student worse off and give them a concrete system to rely upon.  

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