Benevolent Hearts; Dedicated Minds: Student Initiatives Amid Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic was a witness to horrific scenarios; individuals wailing their hearts out on the death of their loved ones, corpses being flamed and buried without a pause. Amidst all of the chaos, a ray of humanity was deciphered; a virtue that was long lost in the tangled web of our restless lives. DU Beat, thus brings to you the stories of some student-led initiatives to help the ones in distress and act as a source of inspiration to many.

1) Volunteers.Covihelp

A snippet from the organization’s Facebook book.

The dedication of a team of 300+ individuals has brought smile on the faces of more than 1500 COVID-19 patients around the country. A youth run organization in nature, Volunteers.Covihelp strives to bring forth real time verified leads for resources such as hospital beds, medicines, oxygen cylinders, etcetera to help the ones in need.

“Launched as a student- led initiative on 26th April, this initiative has grown into a 300 member strong force from all around the country and abroad. So far through, we have touched over 1500 lives in a matter of 45 days of operations by helping them arrange hospital beds, oxygen supply and a lot more resources”,

says Arnav Praneet, a student from the organization.

What commenced off with 8 high school and college students has now taken the shape of a gigantic community with systemized functioning at every end. The dedicated individuals created their own websites coupled with their own bots and automations, that smoothened the entire process. As part of this, they have the relevant fundraisers on their website and they are working on organizing events like Model United Nations (MUN), workshops and events.

In order to reach out to the rural areas, they expanded their services from Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp as well. A structured division of work can be deciphered into organization with the volunteers being divided into three groups. There are the responders who act as a Point of Contact (POC) between the organization and the people approaching them. The researchers scrutinize for leads while the verifiers substantiate the authenticate for the same. The hurdle of scam-posed-difficulties for the organization, however they were able to overcome the same with their hard work and determination.

Click here to know more about their fundraisers and donation related process.

Here are the links to their helplines. You can reach out to them for any kind of donation or help:
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2) Studomatrix COVID-19 Sahyata Kendra

The benevolent trio. (Credits: Times of India)

Initiated by three students namely, Rishay Gupta along with his two friends, Ansh Garg and Avani Singh; the COVID-19 Sahyata Kendra of Studomatrix ventured into the arena of verifying leads for various medical resources such as hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and ventilators. In the due course of time, another 250 individuals joined them in this noble venture. Two WhatsApp groups were created for the division of work: ‘COVID-19 Sahyata Kendra’ & ‘Sahyata Kendra Volunteers”. The former included students who were up for devoting their time each day for verifying leads on hospital beds for that stated medical resources. The latter group consisted of individuals who worked their fingers to the bone of verifying the authenticity of the information provided and connecting the leads for the patients in need.

“ The current “Studomatrix Covid Sahayata Kendra” is an embodiment of the same where unknown school students across the country come together bounded by a single organization that is working selflessly to save lives. We understand that in times of crisis it becomes a role of Social Sector organizations to come forward and leverage their networks and that is what we aspired to do with our network of over 25000 students across 150 cities and are glad that it received this massive success. Studomatrix is an open organization where anyone with aspiration and passion can come and lead and we would like to invite students across the country to come forward and explore the platform for their and nations benefit,”

says Falit Srijiya, Founder-President of Studomatrix and a student of St. Stephen’s College.

The initiative has catered to the needs of families around the country- from Meerut to Nagpur, Kolkata to Bengaluru. The database of the verified information is updated on a daily basis by hundred and ten volunteers in the primary WhatsApp group.

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3) Geetika Jain & Miheeka Bagala

Geetika Jain and Miheeka Bagala in frame. (Credits: India Today)

Kind-hearted and skilled students of Vasant Valley School, New Delhi; Geetika Jain and Miheeka Bagala used their talents to raise funds for the ones touched by the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As amateur artists and chefs themselves, these two prodigies conducted a series of workshops. The workshops were mainly based on craft making and creative cooking and were attended by children across India, Dubai and Singapore. A total of 50 man hours were spent by Geetika and Miheeka for the preparation and conduction of these workshops for a time duration of around two weeks. A total fund of Rs. 50000 has been collected by both of them out of which the entire sum was donated to Shakti Foundation. The eagerness portrayed by these two individuals hints towards a humanistic future nurtured by the virtues of kindness and care.

4) Cases for Change

Success of Cases for Change.

With a noble initiative in mind, Cases for Change beholds the nature of a fundraising organization to supplement India’s oxygen prices by helping students with mentorship. Their services include one on one CV review sessions, tips an tricks to avail an internship on or off campus, case solving sessions and A-Z of landing a job at a consulting company. Initiated by two final year students from Lady Shri Ram College for WomenRashmeet Muchhal and Subasree Sabhari Shankar who are also incoming analyst/ business analyst at Bain & Co. and McKinsey & Co. respectively; Cases for Change has over a thousand followers on LinkedIn.

“The feeling of not being able to do something to help out when the pandemic was at its peak and the entire health care system collapsed constantly bothered us. So, we started Cases for Change in the end of April to raise funds to augment India’s oxygen supply by providing mentorship sessions for breaking into consulting. Under the initiative we managed to donate a sum of 2,15,000 in 36 days of our operation to COVID relief NGOs. Amidst the turmoil caused by the second wave, we are glad that we were able to contribute our bit towards making the situation a little better.”

Cases for Change

The entire income of the organization is donated to Hemkunt Foundation and Khalsa Aid India who are burning their midnight oil to provide oxygen cylinders and concentrators to critical COVID patients. The initiative undertaken by this determined, benevolent duo is indeed appreciated. Actions such as these keep the faith of humans in humanity alive.

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