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“No State of Mind to Give OBEs” – DU Students

The students’ union of Lady Shri Ram College recently conducted a survey to see if the students appearing for Open Book Examinations (OBEs) from June 7, 2021 were in the state of mind to prepare for the examinations. Results of the inquiry clearly show a lack of preparedness. 

Results of a survey conducted by the LSR students’ union on the upcoming examinations clearly shows that the University of Delhi students are in no state of mind to give exams. The recent covid crisis has devastated families all across India. Amidst such a tragedy, the University of Delhi has released date sheets announcing the OBEs from June 7, 2021.

In the survey of nearly 1100 students from different DU colleges, a whopping 68.2% said that they were in no physical or mental state to give online exams. 

The same survey also inquired about the positivity rates and digital access of the students. The results of both these inquiries were disheartening. Nearly a quarter of the students responded that they themselves were tested positive for covid-19, while more than half of them said that someone in their immediate family had tested positive. 

In response to queries regarding the digital access required for giving online exams, 48.2% of the students said they didn’t have all the resources required to attempt OBEs. 47.6% admitted to not having a stable internet connection. As states continue to extend lockdowns, a lot of students who turned to cyber cafes in the last cycle of OBEs have nowhere to go this time.

OBEs survey
Source: Times of India

A similar survey was circulated by the LSR students’ union amongst their college students exclusively. The results seem to resonate with the university-wide inquiry.

The Students’ Union of 23 colleges including Hindu, Hansraj, St. Stephens, Kirori Mal have endorsed the result of LSR students’ union survey.

In a bid to get the administration to cancel the planned OBEs, the harrowing results of this survey have been shared with University officials. A petition for the cancellation of the exams has also been made. Students have also planned a Twitter storm to create traction to pressurise the university into taking the required steps.

It must be noted that the administration itself should have conducted a university-wide inquiry to gauge the feasibility of examinations before announcing them.

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