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DUSU and ABVP Provide COVID Relief Support

DUSU and ABVP team up to facilitate help to the masses amidst the COVID-19 surge in the NCR; working to provide relief resources and information of medical supply; encouraging plasma donation among the Covid recovered patients.

On Thursday, 30 April 2021, the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) alongside the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) students stood in assistance to the COVID-19 affected public of the NCR. With the second surge of the COVID-19 virus, India is facing a grave crisis in terms of its healthcare structure being pushed to the breaking limits and the rising death toll amongst the masses. To this Delhi is no exception, as per the stats the national capital recorded 24,331 cases on Friday and 26,169 cases on Thursday.

dusu and abvp

DUSU and ABVP are constantly engaging in providing relief and assistance through every possible way to the affected students as well as other masses living across Delhi, given the second surge of the Coronavirus. A total of 117 student volunteers of the ABVP are working in this relief program. The organizations have divided their respective student volunteers into 8 regional zones and launched respective helplines for each zone, alongside that the organizations have further set into use a central helpline number to help the patients in need of beds, oxygen cylinders and plasma. 

Moreover, the student volunteers of ABVP are trying their best to provide authentic sources for medical supply, aid and information constantly through their social media handles to reach out to the affected. 

To assist in this generous act of help during these tough times, the student volunteers of ABVP studying in Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University and other Delhi based Varsity students have come out to help the DUSU and ABVP, thus creating a larger circuit of social contacts for resources in these times of need.

DUSU President and ABVP National Executive member Akshit Dahiya publicly stated, “We, along with the students, have reached out to sanitize the hospitals, vaccination centers and other social places of need and further provided oxygen refills and oxygen cylinders to the refill centers and hospitals. We have indulged in spreading awareness about the donation of plasma among the Covid recovered patients. We, students, stand with the distressed and affected ones in these times of distress”.

Siddharth Yadav, the state Secretary of ABVP DU, told DU Beat, “What we have been doing is visible to the people, the only purpose of our Seva Karya is to influence more youth to come out and help in these tough times. As a student organization, till now we have helped over 2100 people in the NCR, we providing food packets, sanitation facilities, oxygen cylinders and verified leaders, with that we are also helping the people to find hospital ICU beds in Delhi.”

“From 1st May Vaccination is starting for all youngsters, and a lot of people are registering themselves which is again a good sign but our only appeal is that the youngster should come out to donate blood before they get vaccinated. Once you are vaccinated you can’t donate blood for two months and in this current crisis, the hospitals are in a dire need of blood. For this we are also rolling a hashtag ‘#blooddonationbeforevaccination’, also from 2nd May our first donation camp will be happening in the North Campus of DU and after these camps would be rolling across various parts of Delhi. It is our humble appeal that where ever you can, in any camp or hospital, the youth especially should donate blood before going for vaccination,” added Yadav.

Yadav also spoke about the Varsity examinations in the pandemic status quo, saying, “We are monitoring the current situation and our delegation of DUSU had met the Dean of Examinations, after that the current ongoing assignments have been postponed and the decision on semester exam is under deliberation. Simultaneously, our college Units are appealing to the Principals to reduce the academic load on the students. The semester exams are most probably being postponed for the time being and the next steps regarding the new dates and mode of examination are being monitored by us. We are constantly in a loop with the administration and making regular demands for a student situation friendly solution.”

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Feature Image Credits: ABVP

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