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DU Decides to Postpone Final-Year Examinations

After endless pleas to cancel or defer the exams, the Delhi University has finally responded with an intent to postpone the final-year examinations. An official notice is yet to release.

After numerous instances of mass-mailing, call for a boycott, and an official demand from the DUTA to cancel examinations, the Delhi University has clarified its stance and is all set to push forward the final year examinations to June 1. 

Senior DU officials, in a conversation with the Hindu, confirmed their decision to postpone the exams, the official notification for which will be issued soon. This decision comes after a review of the pandemic’s situation in the country. Amidst a grave surge in the cases, students and faculty members have found it difficult to continue with regular classes, unable to perceive examinations as their priority. 

A meeting was held on Saturday with all the heads of departments and Deans. The meeting was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and it was decided that the examinations for the final-year students will be postponed to June 1. A notification regarding the same will be issued on Monday.

– D.S Rawat, DU’s Dean of Examination, in his statement to The Hindu 

Even though the examinations will take place as per the OBE format, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the other batches. Mr. Rawat reiterates how the university intends to cancel examinations for the intermediary batches as well. An evaluation method for these batches, however, needs to be worked out at the earliest. 

Even the Delhi University Teachers’ Association in their letter to the University administration pointed out the severe physical and mental trauma of the students and teachers. 

“The second wave of the pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of all sections of the university community. The loss of so many lives is tragic and is causing physical and psychological trauma to all” -The letter written by DUTA, as reported by India Today

The University’s decision will be one of relief and respite. The current decision to postpone exams however also rests on the assumption that the situation in the country at large will get better in 15 days.

I believe that deferring the examination date is not a feasible solution. And most students would prefer the cancellation of exams as there’s a lot of uncertainty about the fact that would the situation be better in June? And as we are final-year students we have to focus on our future career goals. Some of us are applying for masters, civil service examinations, jobs. A lot of my classmates had/have covid and they are going through a lot of physical distress and mental trauma as someone from their family is admitted or have lost their family member. All this is already too much to handle in a situation where you cannot even meet people to comfort yourself.

– A student from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi 

The psychological impact of these trying times will be difficult to overcome. In such an extraordinary situation, the university must rethink and accord some flexibility in the academic calendar of all batches. 

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