Auburn Umbrella

Auburn Umbrella : One Jumpsuit, Numerous Outfits!

The desire to dress and jazz up in new outfits everyday never ends. While ruffling our clothes-filled dusty wardrobes with a mission to find something new makes us cry (both literally and financially), Auburn Umbrella is here for your rescue. A single piece of jumpsuit can be worn in five different ways. Don’t believe it? Read on.

 Transforming our vacant beds into a gigantic heap of clothes like mangoes stack in a fruit stall on a hot, summer day only to say, ‘Mere paas kuch hai hi nahi pehne ke liye’ is as common as crows cawing on your verandah every single morning to ruin your almost realistic dreams that will never happen in real life. Keeping the heartbreaking analogies apart, what if the same piece of clothing could have been worn as different outfits?

Jumpsuits have always been popular for their hassle-free comfort and gorgeous look. This one-piece heaven can give you a sassy and stylish look together with no wastage of time at your end. But, how about this same piece of clothing is transformed into different outfits to make your friends doubt the enormity of your fashion collection (?) Here are some magic tricks that will change your jumpsuit into trendy outfits that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Go Original : Wear your comfortably stylish jumpsuit as it is. Couple it with a pair of high heels or sneakers, whatever eases you and your body. Go for a belt to accessorise if it matches with the print and pattern of your clothing to provide the impression of a two-piece clothing. Tiny earrings will add a spark to your cute outfit.

Sober jumpsuit paired up with a belt. (Picture Credits : Pinterest)

The Call of Jackets : Adding a jacket to your outfit is one of the easiest ways to add a new dimension to the same. But, don’t over do it. Style up your jumpsuit with a jacket that makes your jumpsuit visible. Wearing long, oversized coats might overpower the rest of the outfit. Sports jackets, duster coats, blazers are among the best varieties in the strata of coats to couple with jumpsuits. High heels will provide you with a taller look added with a watch or a sober bracelet of any sort.

Jumpsuit worn with a collared shirt underneath. (Picture Credits : Closetful of Clothes)

The Inner Trick : Want to wear the same jumpsuit but without any layers above? Dress it up but with layers within! Wear it with any top, bralettes, crop tops, inners to give a brand new look to your everyday wear. However, make sure that the inner wear is proportionate to the size and pattern of your jumpsuit. For example, jumpsuits with thick shoulder straps do not match much with cap-sleeved tees which we generally wear on a daily basis. Do not accessorise with jewellery as its addition will give an overly heavy look. Heels, sneakers anything goes with this layered outfit!

Trousers Up : There have been numerous times when the fashionista trapped within us wanted to wear the jumpsuit but only for the shade or design of its trousers. So, why not wear the jumpsuit only for its trousers? Wear any top above the jumpsuit and tada! Your two-piece clothing outfit is ready with your favourite top and the best trousers to synchronise with it; a casual and comfy look for quick hangouts. The neckline of the top above and the jumpsuit should be kept in mind. Add a finishing touch to this with any shoewear of your own choice.

Time for Fun : The longing for a strapless jumpsuit may hit hard when you have a party knocking at your door. Pull down the straps of your jumpsuit and tuck them within. Wear a strapless top that matches with the jumpsuit. Your strapless jumpsuit is ready within minutes. Accessorise this with a choker or a pair of fancy earrings with heels or sneakers and you are all set to party all night!

Jumpsuit worn with a collared shirt underneath. (Picture Credits : Closetful of Clothes)

These were some of the tricks to bring some life into your jumpsuits! Try them and be the diva of your own lives.


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