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An Open Letter to High Court against DU’s Apathy

A featured of DU Beat’s 21 Under 21, Mr.Siddhant Sarang, a celebrated environmental activist, has written to the Honorable Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, calling out DU for conducting semester exams in such dire times.

A second-year student of History (Hons.) at Satyawati College, Siddhant Sarang is a young activist creating awareness about the environment amongst the people. A winner of many prestigious laurels like the Diana Award 2019, Commonwealth’s Trust Scholarship, Siddhant has recently penned a letter to the Honorable Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, seeking intervention from the court into the final semester exams to be held by Delhi University (DU) during May-June 2021.

“How can the University expect us to study in this dire situation?”

Though the recent notification states that there is no need to panic, there is a lack of clarity on the same, according to Sarang. Considering the dire situation of the pandemic, many students are themselves battling the deadly coronavirus or taking care of family members who are. And those who are Covid negative are volunteering, making sure essentials like oxygen, beds, medicines, etc. reach patients, says Sarang. He adds that it is not possible to concentrate and study in such a situation. There are students who have not attended classes for the past 1-2 months as they have been ill and the University has not bothered to check if they are alive or not, he says while adding that even many professors have lost their lives to Covid-19. 

This is simply inhumane.

– Siddhant Sarang in his letter

Putting forth some solutions to the problem at hand, Siddhant Sarang suggests that the exam must be postponed for a few days until the situation becomes normal. Otherwise, he says that there must be a special provision for students for are struggling with Covid-19. He also entreats that the Honorable Court must pass any order as it deems fit and intervene in this situation, shaking DU out of its apathy. 

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