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AISA Drives to Reject the Postponement Decision of DU Exams

AISA gave a call to reject the postponement decision of Delhi University (DU) and its exams; they have alleged the decision as symbolic and a pacifying tool. No real relief is being provided to the students and is the collateral damage education system.

On 3rd May 2021, the All-India Students Association (AISA) of the Delhi University, gave a call to the students of the varsity to reject the 15 Day Postponement Decision of Delhi University (DU) regarding exams. AISA alleges the University’s Decision as Symbolic and a mere tool of pacification, demanding the due cancellation of exams given the current COVID-19 crisis.

AISA states that the experts suggest that the Covid surge will peak in Mid-May. This will be very lethal and worse in comparison to the contemporary situation. Amidst this, AISA claims that it is inhumane on the part of the Delhi University (DU) to hold exams from 1st June, without considering the practicality of the COVID-19 surge. The AISA also alleges that the students have to forcefully take practicals while suffering in such a tumultuous environment. 

Previously, the University of Delhi, on 2nd May, clarified and stated to postpone the Final year examinations to 1st June. Finally, on 3rd May, the University released a circular, declaring the postponement of the final semester/annual examinations May/June 2021. They are to commence from 15th May, by two weeks to June 1st.

Abhigyan, a student activist of AISA spoke to DU Beat regarding the same, saying, “AISA called for this protest knowing that the decision of postponement also came about after student and teacher mobilization. This postponement, however, means no relief whatsoever to the students who need an examination to be cancelled immediately. Does VC think that all families will be well set to take exams by June 1? People will still be suffering, recovering or mourning as Mid may, Covid is expected to peak.”

“Along with the cancellation of all exams including practicals, we also demand suspension of classes for the semester and students should be promoted. This obsession with elitist, casteist and sexist OBEs will lead to great suffering for students and teachers,” added Abhigyan.

Abhigyan previously in a conversation with DU Beat pointed to a similar trend. During that interview, he said, “Even if you schedule the exams for let’s say June, certain things need to be considered here, several students would still be suffering at that time being referred to as collateral damage. Plus, the responsibility of the University needs to be questioned here, they haven’t provided any kind of reading material or anything to the students, without considering the online class divide but expecting them to know everything and appear for examinations.”

In the end, AISA appealed to the student community to join their Twitter Protest against the apathy of DU Vice-Chancellor, as claimed by AISA, by replying to DU’s tweet with a hashtag; #CancelAllExams. AISA also held that Delhi University should mark and pass the students based on the internals. 

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