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Sisodia Meets DU VC: Deliberate to Resolve Pending Matters

The discussion primarily centred around the issue of funding regarding the 12 DU colleges; the fruitful outlines assure a consolidated solution very soon.

On Thursday April 1st, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia met Delhi University’s acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. PC Joshi to converse the tenacity of pending issues and collaboration for quality education. The discourse also constituted of Prof. Balaram Pani and Prof. Suman Kundu.


For the past months, there have been multiple contentions revolving around the discourse of the University of Delhi, ranging from the merger of Delhi University’s College of Arts with the Ambedkar University to the release of appropriate funds for the payment of salaries in the 12 Delhi University Colleges, fully funded by the Delhi government. These issues indeed involved multiple ranges of stakeholders, naturally with diverse demands, all hoping to strike a line of deliberation with the Government of Delhi. 

Professor Balram Pani stated that the deliberation was held in a cordial environment between the respective attendees and all issues related to the 12 Delhi Colleges, fully funded by the Government of Delhi were actively discussed. He itemized, “All the issue including the pettiest ones should be amicably resolved through the process of deliberation. This deliberation was very fruitful in its nature, as the issue of the 12 Delhi Colleges was deliberated by every party and the funding issue would be solved very soon. Also, we have decided to hold such talks with the Delhi government every month for a better line of communication regarding the respective problems of the University.”

“A contour of conversation can be expected in the next three months between the Delhi Government and the Principals of these respective colleges. This meeting acted as an ice breaker between the University administration and the Delhi Government; in the subsequent meetings we can bring and discuss the issue of the transfer of the College of Arts with the Delhi Government, primarily with the Deputy Chief Minister, “added Pani while speaking to DU Beat.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia tweeted his remarks upon the talks, stating, “Had a fruitful meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of @UnivofDelhi, to resolve all pending issues, and to plan how Delhi Govt and @UnivofDelhi can collaborate to provide innovative and high-quality Higher Education to the students of Delhi.”


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