Online Classes: A Blessing in Disguise?

Students cribbing about the hassles associated with online classes is a usual scenario. But, the student community also includes a handful of those who prefer the unpreferred.

Lazing around the college garden as your skin soaks up the scorching sun rays, breathing into the lip-smacking aroma of Chilli Cheese Maggi, a distant dream for almost all the students. The intense and fiery desire to explore the glorified college life of only fun and no studies (spoiler alert: studies triple up in college) is what keeps most of us awake at night. The action of logging into the classroom with the teachers delivering their lectures through the medium of a 6-inch screen is the worst nightmare for many. However, a few of them, including me, embrace this worst nightmare and adore it like a daydream (Swifties, make some noise!)

Yes, you read it correctly. Some students love the unlovable online classes. They have always been hiding underneath the shadows of absolute minorities. The thousands of memes delineating the hatred for online classes by many have only conceded the population of lovers for the same. The classes might leave everyone with an aftertaste of headache and eye-sore, but this particular set of students prefer online classes, no matter what, minus the eye-sores, of course. (Pain is inevitable after all)

Online classes; an opportunity (credits, AglaSem Schools)

“I’m getting to be around people who need me the most here. They’ve lost people to COVID-19. Then I think, on a more practical note, students can take some time out for various other opportunities like internships and fellowships which otherwise would have been almost impossible.” – says Chahat Malhotra, a student at Hindu College.

Polishing the string of love and care in these difficult times by being with our families is one of the reasons why online classes are preferable. The pandemic brought most of the families together under one roof; fortunate for some and unfortunate for some as well. On a personal note, the pandemic made me closer to my family and separation seems heartbreaking as of now. Waking up and greeting them without the fear of losing out on my education is the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana fans, gather up!) for me. Many of the students have witnessed and some have themselves suffered from COVID-19; thus, they need to be with their families, with no lost educational tracks. Also, who would leave ghar ka khana and eat the not-so-delicious food of hostel/PG while you can devour the same after a tiring day of classes!

Additionally, online classes have also paved the path of availability for time. Students can indulge themselves in numerous internships and seminars that will not only build up their resumes but help in their overall holistic development. Multi-tasking is the word that comes to my mind as I write this point. Offline classes are tiresome and time-consuming, which doesn’t leave any time for such personal development activities. Tell me a better way than online classes for this (smirks..)

Online classes are a platform for numerous activities.
Online classes are a platform for numerous activities. (credits, LifeSciTRC)

Moreover, online classes are a blessing for out-station students. The trauma of shifting to a whole new place with no previous acquaintances for the sole purpose of academics has been eliminated by online classes. Rummaging for a good place to reside, be it PGs or rented places; the struggle is real. Also, after this pandemic, the prospects of accommodation for out-station students has reduced drastically. Online classes come without the fear of being subjected to any dangers that one might encounter in an unknown city.

“I am also a supporter of online teaching because it is a very cost-effective and risk-free mode of learning especially for us who are living far from Delhi. However, the university needs to take note of some points. I think universities should develop infrastructure for virtual online classes such as studios equipped with state of the art camera and digital boards. Learning through ppt and to assist any educator there should be a technical team. In this way, we can attend live class on YouTube and whenever we cannot, it should be recorded so we can attend it later.” – says Harsh Maru, a student at Hindu College

As I put forward the reasons behind the likeness of students towards online classes, I must also acknowledge the fact that stable internet connections are still a privilege for many. Online classes are the only alternative in these tough times and the educational institutions should look into the arenas of making it as accessible as it can to as many students as possible.

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Himasweeta Sarma
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