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DUTA Calls for University Shutdown over Non-payment of Salaries

DUTA has stated the conduction of a series of protests and a university shutdown from 5th April 2021 onwards over the failure of salary payments of the teaching and non-teaching staff in the Delhi government-funded colleges.

The Delhi University Teachers Association have called for protests against the non-payment of salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staff in the Delhi government-funded colleges from 5th April onwards.

DUTA has been putting up the matter of the delay in the grants to the 12 government-funded colleges since October 2019. The association has taken up the initiative of organising two awareness programmes in Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s constituency on April 5 and April 9, respectively along with a rally to the Ministry of Education on April 7.

Teachers of the Delhi University had declared an ‘indefinite university shutdown’ on 11th March but had resumed classes from 1st April onwards with the demand of immediate actions from the University.

DUTA will resume strike from April 12 in case the University fails to take concrete steps to safeguard the interests of employees and colleges.

said Dr Rajib Ray, President of DUTA.

Funds amounting to Rs. 90 crores, and an additional Rs. 28 crores, were released by the Delhi government on 12th March and 16th March, respectively. However, DUTA is still waiting for the additional funds.

It has also been alleged by the teacher’s association that the Delhi government has given ‘the charge of the 12 colleges to senior accounts officers (Sr AOs), replacing the principals through an earlier order of the Finance Division’ as reported by News18. It has also been stated by DUTA that an attempt has been made by the Delhi government to deliver in conditions of the New Education Policy (NEP) through ‘Pattern of Assistance’ which it states, wants to impose through the medium of governing bodies of the government-funded colleges.

The ‘Pattern of Assistance’ must be withdrawn according to the DUTA. The DUTA has planned to ‘gherao colleges’ wherever the Governing Body Meetings are held to adopt Pattern of Assistance as well.

The Pattern of Assistance has been implemented ever since the Delhi government began funding these 12 colleges. It is surprising why this protest is being organised now. Special audits carried out by the government show serious financial irregularities in the 12 colleges. Certain vested interests in DU want to hide the irregularities from the Delhi government’s efforts on financial transparency.

Statement of Delhi government

If the Delhi government has done all the audits then why isn’t it filing an FIR? You can’t stop the salaries of all employees over baseless allegations. We’re struggling every day because of our financial situation.

Sujit Kumar, executive member of staff association of BR Ambedkar College

The tug of war between the DUTA and the Delhi government seems to intensify with the passing of each day.

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