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DU Students Demand Two-Week Suspension of Online Classes

Students from various colleges of the University of Delhi (DU) have raised the demand for the suspension of online classes for two weeks. The above has been demanded in lieu of the horrendous COVID-19 situation prevailing in the country.

As reported by Hindustan Times, numerous first-year students from various colleges under University of Delhi (DU) have undertaken the task of petitioning for suspension of online classes. Their demand includes suspension of online classes and all academic activities for two weeks. The issue has been raised due to the continuous rise in the COVID-19 cases across the country. St. Stephen’s College, Ramjas College,  Lady Shri Ram, Hindu College, Gargi College, Miranda House, Rajdhani College are among the many colleges who have demanded the above. 

“There is so much mental pressure. It is not human to continue with classes at this point of time. Several teachers who have Covid – positive family members are having to take classes. Sometimes the classes are cancelled at the last minute. Students are struggling with COVID-19 as well as with pressure of examinations and assignments.” – says Sashwant Pandey from St. Stephen’s College as reported by Hindustan Times.

Both teachers and students have been equally affected by the upsurge. Classes are either being cancelled or reshuffled due to several COVID-19 cases in the University.

“In the middle of our class today [Thursday], Our teacher received his mother’s Covid-19 test report which was positive. He was visibly disturbed and had to suspend classes midway.” – says Falit Sijariya from St. Stephen’s as reported by Hindustan Times.

“Online classes are very stressful and irregular. The authorities must give two-three weeks of holiday for both students and professors alike for the current situation.” says Himanshi Guleria from Hindu College.

The first-year students from Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College have decided to boycott all classes for two weeks; starting from 3rd May-17th May. In a press release by the Students’ Union of LSR, the union states that it condemns the lack of action from the university administration’s end. It also delineates that the above boycotting has been done in solidarity with all the students and staff that has been affected by the pandemic.

The union has also demanded that the upcoming practicals and Open Book Examinations (OBE) for the second and third years be cancelled coupled with the suspension of online classes for the first years. The revamping of timetables for the first years and extension of the academic calendar for the same was also raised by the union.

As per the statement of Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), more than 600 teachers have been tested positive for Covid-19 in the current week. Balaram Pani, the Dean of Colleges, DU stated that college principals can undertake a decision on the temporary suspension of classes in their respective colleges. 

“Principals can analyse the situation and take a call on online classes as per the availability of teachers and taking into consideration other factors. Teachers can also push the deadline for submission of assignments as per the students requirements. The university has notified principals to act as the situation demands.” says Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges, DU as reported by Hindustan Times.

“The infection leaves people so weak that they are not able to speak. Taking classes in such a scenario will be difficult for them [teachers]. The university must take steps to follow last year’s pattern and evaluate these [first-year] students on the basis of assessments already conducted.” says Pankaj Kumar Garg, Professor at Rajdhani College and has also been tested positive for COVID-19.

The Dean of Examinations, Mr D.S. Rawat had stated on Thursday that the university is currently looking into the matter of the final-year examinations. The varsity will declare the decision at the earliest. 

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