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DU Expands Reach; 2 New Centers by July

By July, 2021 DU will inaugurate two new centers at Roshanpura and Shahbad Dairy. It has taken up the initiative of developing its northwest and southwest campuses for a better reach among students.

As reported by the Times of India (TOI), University of Delhi (DU) has stated that it will be launching two new centres at Roshanpura and Shahbad Dairy by July, 2021. DU looks forward to expanding and developing the northwest and southwest campuses under its vicinity. It plans to start a college and a research centre in the same.

DU’s acting Vice-Chancellor (VC) Mr. P.C. Joshi and the Dean of Colleges, Mr. Balaram Pani along with some other officials visited the Roshanpura plot near Najafgarh where the DU authorities plan to start a college catering to students from rural areas. The plot was given to DU in 1989.

“There were plans to build a college there soon. In 2019, the Union education ministry had said that DU would build the college by 2023.”

 – Mr. Balaram Pani as quoted by the TOI.

A snippet of the visit as shared by DU on its twitter handle
A snippet of the visit as shared by DU

The Shahbad Dairy was also visited by the VC where a plant genetic centre is planned to come into life. It includes 40 acres of land allotted to DU by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). As of the moment, only a centre of the university will be build for its functioning with a fully science-based campus in the near future.

“The university is seriously considering developing a northwest campus devoted to plant sciences, like agriculture, horticulture, forestry and plant genetics teaching and research. There is also a plan to set up a science-based campus there with new courses. Such centers are essential to help cut down travel for students to North Campus for various services, including certificates. We want to create these facilities across the city on our new campuses.We do not have courses in agriculture or forestry. We want to develop state-of-the-art facilities and research centers for every field.”

VC P.C. Joshi to the TOI.

The Shahbad Dairy centre will be entirely dedicated to research and study of plant sciences with the introduction of new courses such as agriculture, horticulture and plant genetics.

It’s an applauding step by DU since it makes education more accessible to the students and diversified in terms of courses available.

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