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DU Council Members Write to Vice-Chancellor Regarding Appointment of Officiating Principals

The Council members of the University of Delhi (DU) wrote to the Vice-Chancellor concerning the
decision of disallowing the Officiating Principals of the Colleges in the Selection Committee,
demanding immediate annul of the pronouncement.

On Sunday, 18th April 2021, the Council members (Executive, Academic and Finance) of the
University of Delhi (DU) wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor, PC Joshi, regarding the disallowing
of the Officiating Principals of the Colleges to participate in the Selection Committee
Meeting for the promotion to the post of Professor in the Colleges. In the letter the members made a plea to the VC that the College as an institution is guided and headed by the corresponding Principal, regardless of the nature of appointment i.e., acting or officiating, adding that a Principal in any capacity is equivalent to the rank and
measure of a Professor.

 The letter held, 

“As per the Para VII (a) (ii) of theCAS-2018, notified in the Gazette
notification UGC Regulation 2018, it is The Principal of the College who shall be a member
of the Selection Committee for the post of Professor in the Colleges, without any exception.
However, regarding the other members of the Selection Committee for the same, Para VII (a)
III excludes the local members of the college, Head of the Department/ Teacher In-charge,
who is below the rank of Professor.”

The members also furthered in the letter that this due can be drawn concerning the respective mentioned Gazette notification, which delineates the composition of the Selection Committee written in black and white, nowhere excludes the College Principal and do not distinguish among the Principals in terms of their nature of the respective appointment.  

The letter also said, “Ordinance XVIII (3) also states that in case of a casual vacancy in the
office of the Principal, the Vice-Principal, if any, shall until the appointment of the Principal,
act as the Principal. In case there is no Vice Principal, the senior-most teacher shall act as
Principal. The University Court, the highest Statutory Body of the University confers its
membership to Acting or Officiating Principal without any distinction. Hence, whichever
Principal is applied in case of the university level selection committees for promotions in the
absence of the Vice-Chancellor must be observed at the college level too.”

Alok Rajan Pandey, a member of the Administrative Council spoke to DU Beat

“That why can’t the officiating Principal be present in an interview of an Associate
Professor? There is a very simple law that is being ignored here and we fear that it could
further lead to a very biased selection system. We are vehemently opposing this pick and
choose system, we are simply saying that if a principal who have qualified the interview for
the associate professor, why he should not be further allowed in the Selection Committee?”
We jointly demand that the due process and rules should be respected duly in the status quo
and the respective Principals who have cleared their respective associate professors’
interviews should be allowed to sit in the Selection Committee. This would be beneficial in
the respective interviews of the Professor rather than the time-consuming professor of calling
an alternative Principal from another college. If this slow process is continued there may be
a further delay in the allotment of Professors to the respective colleges and maybe after NEP
the interviews would be annulled,”
added Pandey while speaking to DU Beat.

The members highlighted the mentioned statutory provisions and facts, alleging that not
considering these results in a state of arbitrariness. The letter at the end made a collective
appeal that if the Acting/Officiating Principals are not allowed to participate in the Selection
Committee for the promotion to the level of Professor in the colleges and nomination comes
from outside, there are more chances of partisanship and the pick and choose arena.

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