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DU Colleges starts setting up COVID Isolation Centres on campus

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College and Lakshmibai College have set up COVID isolation centres on campus to support the healthcare system in these troubled times. Read on to find out more about these centres.

As the second wave of COVID-19 intensifies, colleges across the varsity have started setting up isolation centres to aid the masses. The University of Delhi (DU) in association with ISKCON Temple and supported by the Delhi Government is installing one in Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College (DDUC). With a capacity of 180 beds, the centre is expected to be in operation from this weekend in Sector 3, Dwarka. Alongside, Lakshmibai College has also set up a 100-bed isolation centre on its campus. Located in Northwest Delhi, the centre will accept patients with mild to moderate symptoms below the age of 70 from 29 April.  The centre has been set up in collaboration with an NGO and with permission from the district administration.

“As we cannot manage ICU facilities, we are not going to accept serious patients. However, we have arranged for oxygen too. The opening got a little delayed as we were also trying to have a backup. I thought when there is infrastructure in a place built with public funds, why not use it for people who are struggling for facilities. For almost a year, the educational institutions have been closed. At least if patients with mild and moderate symptoms can be admitted here, a lot of pressure can be reduced from the hospitals.”

-said Pratyush Vatsala, the Principal of Lakshmibai College on the infrastructure for the centre as reported by Times of India.

All the necessary arrangements for food, medical waste disposal, barricading, etc have been made. The health and wellness centre of the college has been turned into an office. The centre has hired nursing school pass-outs, residential services for those being provided on the campus itself. In addition, the centre has received the support of the residents of Ashok Vihar as well. Earlier on April 15, DU’s vice-chancellor Prof PC Joshi inaugurated the Covid Vaccination Centre at WUS World University Services (W.U.S.) center in North Campus. It is providing vaccination facilities to university members.

“We are trying for it. Once it is done, everyone will be informed. We are trying to involve some civil society members as well. It is a collaborative effort of the DM office, DU, Iskcon temple and the college.”

-said Hem Chand Jain, the Principal of DDUC about the upcoming COVID centre in the hostel block as reported by the Times of India.


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