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DU 21 UNDER 21: Setting High Benchmarks

All of us have come across some incredibly talented and passionate individuals who have achieved great feats at a tender age and many more who are striving hard, their achievements are celebratory and their stories inspiring. DU Beat thus brings you 21 notable mentions for the year 2021, who have made it big even before tasting 21 years of their life.

1. Anshita Singh, co-founder of Rubrix

Anshita Singh co-founded Rubrix, “an attempt to bring forth an infotainment ecosystem of recreational value for readers, writers, and those who strive to stay on the verge of smart,” in August 2020. It won the first position at Google Powered Startup Weekend organized by Delhi Technological University (DTU).

Anshita is a second-year B.A Honours student at Zakir Husain Delhi College, DU. As a research assistant at The Spelke Lab, Department of Psychology, Harvard University, her work focuses on the sources of unique human cognitive capacities. She is also a research assistant at The Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab, Department of Psychology, Columbia University, and studies the human development process and how early experiences impact emotional behavior and brain development. Anshita is also a research intern in the psychology department at IIT, Roorkee.

In the current year, Anshita was the First Runner Up at Sociopreneur, IIM Calcutta. Sociopreneur is a business plan competition that aims to promote sustainable entrepreneurship. Her poster got selected for the annual department Symposium at Columbia University. 

2. Anushree Joshi, Writer and Editor 

A declamatory writer of magnanimous talent, Anushree Joshi has penned over 200 articles across various genres and styles, in celebrated publications. Most prominently , she is one of the youngest ever to lead DU Beat as Print Editor. Ms.Joshi has been a  regular contributor to ‘Feminism In India’, and has been a former intern and select writer at Terribly Tiny Tales.

Anushree has left no stone unturned in her 3 years at the University. She is currently a third years student of English Honours at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, DU. Having already achieved such heights of literary fortitude, Anushree has carved her mark as one of the youngest, and most capable intellectuals in the county.

Anushree’s prolific literary skills have brought her a readership of more than 1.6 million across platforms. It is a testament to her brilliance that she has already had the honour of interviewing such eminent personalities as Raghu Karnad and Dhruv Sehgal at such a young age. She has been regularly published by LiveWire as well as various inter college college magazines. You would be hard pressed to find a student centric platform where Anushree won’t have imprinted her sigil!

Not limiting herself to journaling and content production for articles, Anushree went on to carve a niche in advertisement and screenplay writing: producing copies for such stalwarts of the business world as Spotify, OK Cupid, Amazon Audible, and Cadbury Dairy Milk, or penning down episodes of the Cadbury curated audio series ‘Such A Pyaar’, all highlighted her authorial mettle once again. Anushree has also written for The Film Companion and due to her consistent hardwork, she has been selected for the Masters Programme at the Oxford University. 

3. Amitoj Singh Kalsi, Founder Of HCQC And HCG

Amitoj Singh Kalsi

Amitoj Singh Kalsi is a final year History Honours student at Hindu College, DU. He has demonstrated extraordinary managerial skills and exceptional innovation in co-founding the Hindu College Queer Collective. Building on a callous foundation of painful exclusion experienced by countless LGBTQIA+ students, the Queer Collective aims to undo the irony of historical wrongs adorning a space as liberal as academia. The noble thought and activism inherent have manifested themselves into a safe space rarely witnessed elsewhere on the campus. In a largely entrenched space as the University, such progressive attempts often fall short on intersectional autonomy.

Amitoj, however, is humbly accepting of how his privilege had a role to play in being able to make a difference. Amitoj’s attempt is a commendable feat, one that will allow queer students of the future a place to challenge the rigid binary of DU culture and provide them a social net to fall back upon. Amitoj has also co-founded the Hindu College Gazette: a web-site/bi- monthly magazine covering a range of issues from public policy to comparative politics. This beautiful publication is exemplary of Amitoj’s insights into content management. It is a testament to the Gazette’s popularity that within a very short span of time its students’ submissions have come to attract scholars from Hyderabad University, NUJS, Christ University, and Indian Institute of Psychology and Research amongst others. The Gazette might be a product of a pandemic year, but the team’s resolve under Amitoj’s leadership has outshone all odds. Already, in expanding its outreach, the Gazette has managed to bring on board writers of international standing from such eminent institutions as the University of Arts in London.

4. Ishika Nirula, Founder Of Women In Business Network

Ishika Nirula

Ishika Nirula is a feminist to the core, and her deep desire to bring about gender equality in the society is expressed not just in words, but also in the several projects that she has pioneered. One such organization of eminence established by her is the ‘Women in Business Network.’ Entirely planned and executed by the talented young student, the structure of this institution is boldly ambitious in its goals and administers across the length and breadth of the country.

Ishika’s brainchild currently employs more than 700 female student entrepreneurs, and its workshops and seminars have a reach of almost 3000 non-member students. The organization has successfully catered to the ambitions of a growing section of student entrepreneurs whose wings are often clipped due to parochial societal notions of gender roles. It has also brought Ishika’s managerial and communication skills into limelight.

Besides being a student of economics at Hansraj College, DU and a young leader, Ishika is also a connoisseur of art. In order to promote artistry amongst youth, she founded the ‘Sequin Collective’, a global community for student artists and musicians that not only allows them to market their work, but brings them together in a rare show of youth-youth camaraderie. It is fast becoming a popular networking channel for artists. Ishika recently laid a milestone for the Sequin Collective by developing a mobile application that stores user portfolios in order to aid the process of communication amongst the growing community of artists. 

5. Khush Vardhan Dembla and Khushi Agarwal , Co-Founders of Youth Policy Review

Khushi (left) and Khush (left) as seen together.
Khushi (left) and Khush (left) as seen together.

Khush and Khushi are the Co-Founders of Youth Policy Review- a student-run academic blog that focuses on research-based analysis and insights on various topics related to Economics, Finance, and Public Policy. They manage a team of 60 employees and have published interviews with Dr. Viral Acharya, Mr. Sanjaya Baru, and Dr. Pronab Sen.

Khush is a second-year Economics student at Hansraj College, DU. He has worked under Adroit Financial Services. Khush is also the Co-Founder and President of the Global Association of Economics Education (North India). On the other hand, Khushi is a second-year Mathematics student at Daulat Ram College (DRC), DU. She has undertaken projects including “The Undoing of Behavioural Interventions: An Analysis into Consumer Behaviour,” and “Impact of Social Media on Women-Led Small Enterprises in India.” She has consulted with organizations like the Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses and Sirona Hygiene. Both of them are immensely involved in policy making and their common interest in Economics is a further testimony to why they founded the Youth Policy Review together. 

Khush is also Founder of Thrift It- one of India’s first E-Commerce marketplaces aimed exclusively at thrifting and sustainable fashion.

Find out more about YPR here:


6. Kunal Panda, Pushcart Award Nominee

Kunal Panda is a student of Economics at Hindu College, DU. With a set of outstanding authorial credentials from extremely eminent publications, Kunal has already marked himself out as a budding literary genius to watch out for. Mastery over language is one fact, but innovating new pinnacles of creativity in written word is a far rarer feat that Kunal seems to have breached well. Penning thesis after thesis on an array of disciplines, he has proven that age is no bar to the human thirst for knowledge. 

ISBF Published Article: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtRtVgfkhwZJSVgENe5oD0Ee0dZhU87a/view 

While Kunal’s peers are used to drawing splendid insights on artistic symbolism and philosophy from his rigorous reading and intellectual meditations, his crowning glory is undoubtedly the article ‘The Pleasure Of Angst For A Modern Teenager’. This soulful reflection on Soren Kierkegaard’s existentialism brought him much laurels and a nomination to the prestigious Pushcart Prize of 2020 from the Ayaskala magazine. Further, Kunal’s study ‘Examining the Effectiveness of Online Learning Methods’ was published by the Indian school Of Business and Finance, again an unheard of achievement from someone so young. 

Pushcart Nominated Article: https://www.ayaskala.com/july2020-32 

He currently expresses interest in the application of psychoanalysis to study of art history, and as of September,2020, has released another thesis entitled ‘Essays On Ideology And Aesthetics.’

7. Madhav Chadha, Founding President of the Case Connect Club

Madhav Chadha is the Founding President of the Case Connect Club- the first international community on a pro bono basis of its kind with chapters in 75+ institutions like Wharton, IIMs, IITs, etc, and partnering with professionals from Bain, BCG, EY, KPMG, Deloitte, etc.

“Students lacked exposure to case competitions. Given the experience and skills I had gained, I thought it would be best if I could help other people think in a structured manner, articulate their findings well, network in a professional space, and be better prepared for a career in the corporate sector.” 

Madhav told DU Beat.

Madhav is a second-year student at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS), DU and is the only fellow across 500+ members in India to have received  a Letter of Appreciation (LoA) from the Global Chairman of the International Finance Student Association. He is also the former Director of Ascension Student Company, a for-profit student-run organization. He has also interned with Boston Analytics and Indian Angel Network.

In 2020, he won (as part of a contingent) the Global Case Competition at Harvard University- this was India’s maiden victory. He also won the World Asian-Case Competition in Seoul, South Korea. Madhav has won several national-level case competitions at institutions like Lady Shri Ram College, Gargi College, and SSCBS.

Madhav has several debating accolades to his name, including Invited Adjudicator at Emirates Debate and Modern World Debates in Dubai, National Winner at JIMS, New Delhi, and Carmel Convent, Chandigarh, to name a few.

Find out more about his venture here:


8. Naina Bhargava, Founder and Editor-In-Chief at The Philosophy Project

Naina Bhargava is a final-year Philosophy student at Miranda House, DU. She is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief at The Philosophy Project– an independent student-led community of philosophy enthusiasts. Under her leadership, the community launched its first Free Feminist Philosophy course in collaboration with Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR) and Minorities and Philosophy (MAP).

She is also the Founder of the Tara Foundation. This is a non-profit organization working with marginalized and socially excluded communities for access to quality education, strengthening and promoting community-based organizations, youth leadership and development, women, and transgender empowerment.

Naina has contributed to 10+ publications including research papers titled “Rawls Theory of Justice from a Communitarian Lense,” and “Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in 21st Century;” and articles titled “Deconstructing Men and Masculinity Through the Lense of Satyajit Ray,” for Feminism in India and “India: Need Laws to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation,” for South Asia Review Journal to name a few.

As the Senior Managing Editor at Sociolegal Literary, she undertook the Trans-Mission and Gendernama projects where she interviewed personalities like Grace Banu, Kalki Subramaniym, Japleen Pasricha, and Apsara Reddy. Naina is also a member of the Miranda House Queer Collective.

Find out more about The Philosophy Project here:


9. Pragya Arora, Co-Founder of WeSettle

Pragya Arora is the Co-Founder of WeSettle- a student-friendly community providing free admission consultation and accommodation facilities with expansion in 12 major cities and collaborations with 500+ PGs across India. She ideated India’s Housing Festival, which generated a revenue of 28 lakh. She has been featured in the Hindustan Times, Forbes Magazine, and on Zee News for the same.

As the Direct Selling Team Lead, Pragya has handled Business Development teams and built distribution by identifying and converting customer leads. Her company has also helped 1400+ needy families during the pandemic induced lockdown and has provided internship opportunities to 10,000+ students.

Pragya graduated from Indraprastha College for Women, DU with an Honors degree in Psychology in 2020. She has also worked as a Co-Head for the Bird Census Project where she led a team of photographers and research students. This research will feature in their journal in 2022. 

10. Preeti Panigrahi, National Awardee, Theatre Artist

A theatre artist of such calibre, and an equally skilled filmmaker, Preeti Panigrahi’s dedication to her art is that one rare gem that even grown professionals are hard put to find. Having been in the proverbial limelight since the age of 10, the stage is Preeti’s second home. And it is in the cocooning security of the many garbs that she dons while on there, that Preeti finds herself over and over again.

It is a testament to her acting prowess that the HRD Ministry of India decorated her with the ‘National Balshree Award’ at the tender age of 11. Undoubtedly, Preeti is a blossoming rose on the performing arts scene of Delhi. Her long time association with the Asmita theatre group, and later involvement with the fiery Ibtida- the dramatics society of Hindu College (DU)- are the whetting stones on which Preeti continues to sharpen her acting chops.


The more we say of Preeti, the more we are rendered speechless. Her artistry, perfected in such courses as those at University of London, and the Film and Television Institute of India, are all reflective of a keenly observant and single-minded artist.

Unconfined by the superficial boundaries imposed on the arts, Preeti has continually distinguished herself with 15 self-directed films spanning genres and a meritorious academic record throughout her student life. If academic records set against the backdrop of extracurricular excellence were taken as proof of a perfect balancing act, then Preeti would have no match: her school administration said as much in awarding her the ‘Late Baljit Shastri Award For Best All Rounder’, and the Duke Of Edinburgh Scholarship programme reiterated the same while awarding her a badge of bronze.

Preeti’s filmography: https://youtube.com/channel/UC2ecL8J1OnIkduW4HeCaeSw

11. Ranjana Verma, Slam Poet And Public Speaker

Ranjana Verma is a third year student of B. Com (Honors) at Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), DU. A powerful orator with a flair for penning down poetry, Ranjana Verma has juxtaposed her talents together to carve a career as a slam poet. Despite her young age, Ranjana has already perfected the art of narrating stories that hold the audience in rapt attention. She has also begun to perform at reputable shows across Delhi and Jaipur. Her audience claims to have recovered the lost tradition of oral storytelling in her art.


In November of 2020, Ranjana even managed to narrate stories and indulge in her performance art at ‘Lafzon Ki Hasrate’, a show organised for private audience. But her latest performance ‘Safarnama: A Journey Of Emotions’, is the product of arduous honing of talent during the lockdown. It is truly the coming of age of the artist inside her.


In addition, Ranjana has also won laurels for her performances on ‘Tape A Tale’, one of India’s biggest storytelling platforms, and ‘The Social House’, Delhi’s most prestigious slam event. She has been published in an anthology released by Inquill publication. Ranjana’s claims to fame also lie in her independent podcast series, ‘Letters To You’ on Spotify.

12. Saimon Farooqui, Founder, Moot Court Committee of Shobhit, Deemed University in Meerut

A lawyer in the making, with unmatched command over language, and a possessor of rare radiance of intellect, Saimon Farooqui is barely 21 but is already earning a name for himself. From moot court debates to internships at prestigious chambers across the city, and from laying the foundations of successful NGOs to political stints as the National Secretary of National Student’s Union of India (NSUI), Saimon has aced pinnacles of student life.

It was some time in 2015 that Saimon, then a bachelor’s student of Commerce at Sri Venkateshwara College, DU, came to be associated with NSUI. Once elected a unit president at his college, there was no looking back. Saimon rose the ranks with the steadfastness of a young and savvy statesman. 

In dispensing his selflessness, Saimon created the NGO ‘Zariya, A Helping Hand’ from scratch. He is an inspiration to all young students looking to make a social impact. He has also proven his mettle as a public speaker in countless moot court debates, going so far as to establish the Moot Court Committee of Shobhit, Deemed University in Meerut. Out of this budding  youngster, there is anticipated to emerge one of the foremost lawyers of India.

13. Samridhi Shoor , founder of UnMa

Samridhi is a second-year Electronics Honours student at Sri Ventakeshwara College, DU. She is the founder of UnMa- an AR curated and AI-driven shopping platform for college students. Post its complete launch in 2022, UnMa will be the world’s first youth-centric marketplace. Samridhi has secured collaborations with 40+ established fashion brands and 25+ essentials brands and runs a company of 40+ student employees and interns from across the globe.

Samridhi is the ambassador in India for the Yale Young Global Scholar (YYGS) Programme and the Yale National University of Singapore. In 2016, she was the only Indian student to be awarded a 100% scholarship to attend the YYGS Programme at Yale University, USA, to study Politics, Law, and Economics.

She has also received the Della Fera scholarship- a 100% merit scholarship for one International student to attend a summer programme at the University of St. Andrews, the UK for Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science- for designing a UAV project for agro-based utility, UAV SEH81, and her simultaneous research on ‘Computational Algorithms Based on the Panini System’ -proposing to convert Sanskrit into a programming language.

Samridhi has also secured AIR 48 out of around 250,000 participants in the National Financial Literacy Examination. She is also a zonal U-18 gold medallist for Inline Speed Skating.

14. Sandesh Dholakia, representative, 11th Commonwealth Youth Parliament (Government of United Kingdom)

A student of Economics at Hansraj college, DU Sandesh Dholakia’s track record boasts of sheer excellence. Having interned at Economic advisory firms of international standing, like the Seattle based Infinite Sum Modelling, Sandesh is fast establishing his reputation as a serious professional. His academic papers have been featured on such eminent platforms as the Economic Times and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific.

The Indian Government honored Sandesh by appointing him as representative to the 11th  Commonwealth Youth Parliament convened by the Government of United Kingdom. Possession of such exemplary honors at so young an age makes Sandesh stand out amongst his peers. He was decorated with the 1st position and a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 by Flipkart for his outstanding performance in ‘Trailblazer 1.0’. Besides these accolades, he was also a national runner up at a case study competition organized by the World Bank. Adorned with laurels in every sphere, Sandesh is also a national level debater and essayist

But the icing on the cake was IFSA: a society dedicated solely to helping students of Hansraj with information on case study competitions. This feat left no doubt with regards to Sandesh’s innate talent for leadership and selflessness. Born out of sweat and toil, IFSA shall be Sandesh’s enduring legacy to future students. His thought behind creating IFSA- ‘to ready students for corporate life right from their college days’- is evidence enough of his visionary personality and fortitude. 

15. Siddhant Sarang, Environmental Activist, Winner of Diana Award 2019 

Siddhant Sarang is a second year student of History Honors at Satyawati College, DU. He is a young activist working in the domain of awareness on environmental degradation. His resolve to deal with the ignorance surrounding the issues of climate change in South Asian communities is equal parts astounding and inspiring. Siddhant firmly believes that informed citizens are empowered citizens, and it is this thought that led him to plan the first-ever artificial intelligence-based climate awareness initiative. This one of a kind project seeks to empower grassroots level activists via an app disseminating information on climate change in 24 languages. 

Siddhant’s outstanding work has brought him many laurels. His expertise in filming nature documentaries won him the Diana Award of 2019. He was also decorated with the Queen’s Commonwealth Common wealth Trust Scholarship and subsequently an opportunity to attend the One Young World Summit in United Kingdom. He is the only Indian citizen till date to have achieved such a feat. The summit was attended by such luminaries of the academic world as the Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, and it is a testament to Siddhant’s fortitude and hard work that he represented the country. 

Besides having worked for disaster relief measures, and having acted as a youth advisor on the COP26 Youth Roundtable, Siddhant has also distinguished himself with an award at the Print Campus Voice Contest. His writings on climate change and environmental degradation have also been published by several other journals of repute.

16. Shreya Srivastava , Femina Miss India pageant 2020 finalist

Shreya Srivastava is a final year Commerce student at Sri Venkateswara College, DU and a Femina Miss India pageant 2020 finalist.

She is the Global Director-People and Culture at 180 Degrees Consulting- the largest consultancy firm in the world for non-profit and social enterprises with over 150 global branches across 30+ countries. She has previously headed the Social Media Volunteer team for popularising the Green Recommendation Petition at Greenpeace- the largest and most visible environmental organization in the world. This petition aimed at demanding sustainable food systems.

Shreya believes that the Indian political scene and the subsequent representation of women in it portrays a rather grim narrative. She aims to “formalize the student political scene and augment women representation in the same, so that more women contest for office.” 

True to her belief, she was the Delhi Government Chief Minister Fellow in 2019. Heading the Communications and Outreach team for the Aam Aadmi Party, Shreya popularised the project of Doorstep Delivery- of essential services- and analyzed citizen and administration concerns with the Advisor to the CM. She also led the Digital Marketing Team during her tenure.

She holds three international French language proficiency diplomas and was facilitated at the Institut de France, New Delhi for scoring 99% in DELF A1. She has also worked on a published research study titled “Streaming now-OTT in the times of Covid-19.”

17. Srishti Bhandari , EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year 2020

Srishti Bhandari is a Management Studies (Finance) student at Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies (SSCBS), DU. She won the title of Ernst and Young (EY) Corporate Finance Woman of the Year 2020 by winning the national finals against 550+ participants and securing 3rd place at the global level out of 22 countries. As an Intern at EY LLP, she worked as part of the sell-side team soliciting Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) listings for a leading company in the Hybrid Energy segment. She also interned with EY Parthenon and worked towards a growth strategy for the promotion of the Deep Technology sector and consolidation of Cloud startups in Qatar.

Srishti has undertaken projects including ‘Testing the Signalling Theory: An analysis of Share Buybacks in the Indian FMCG Sector’ and ‘Comparative Study of Consumer Awareness and Perception of Digital Wallets in India.’ She identified targets for possible M&A transactions for COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturing in the USA for investments worth USD 6 billion+ during her tenure as an Intern at New York Investment Capital. In 2017, she raised INR 14,500 to fund school supplies for marginalized children.

Srishti is also the lead trainer at The Debating Society, SSCBS, and has won accolades at institutions like Christ University, Hindu College, SRCC, St. Stephen’s College to name a few. She ranked amongst the top 12 debaters in the country in her first year of college itself.

18. Tushar Aman Shrivastava, Writer and Instrumentalist

Tushar Aman Shrivastava is an English Honors student at Dyal Singh Evening College, DU. has established his authorial merit in numerous essay contests of repute, and his innate talent for the written word has been recognized by magazines of international standing. Where many a stalwarts are unable to present their art to the world out of fear, Tushar has been no wallflower when it comes to accolades: his art has seen the limelight and deservedly so.

The Australian National University credited Tushar with the epithet of an International writer for his esteemed contributions to their yearbook. He was further lauded in the form of a coveted second position at South Asia regional poetry contest organised by Asian Literary Society in March of 2021. A play written by Tushar, entitled ‘I Love My Father’, was amongst the top 25 plays selected at the Yale Drama Series Competition in August of 2020.

Besides having had the honor of working as an intern for the Harvard Business Review, Tushar is also a gifted Instrumentalist. He has previously been presented with the opportunity of performing at the Michael John Auditorium in front of eminent personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata. He was also awarded a gold medal for being an exceptional Instrumentalist every year from 2014 to 2017.

19. Tvisha Tuli, Founder, My Moment Of Makeover

A student of management at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS), DU , Tvisha has displayed exemplary leadership and perfection in every project that she has undertaken. Tvisha’s story marks her out as a young pioneer in the field of grassroots- level-empowerment-of-women. 

The crowning glory of Tvisha’s wonderful capabilities is her consultancy initiative ‘My Moment Of Makeover’. Putting her managerial skillset to use, Tvisha uncovered and corrected the flaws in small scale business models of more than 16 women. The process allowed the entrepreneurs to generate more than Rs. 7,00,000 within a short span of 30 days. In authoring a comparative study on the impact of COVID-19 on women running small businesses, Tvisha further cemented herself as a combatant of women’s rights. 

Tvisha’s skillset is on further display through the sheer range of activities in which she has participated. As a core member of Chata Patar, one of the leading student run media productions in India, Tvisha assisted in broadcast of podcasts featuring numerous celebrities. Not only did her content cater to an audience of 2 million, but was also applauded by the likes of Prateek kuhad and Salim Merchant.

As a part of several college level organizations, Tvisha interviewed eminent entrepreneurs from the Forbes 30u30 list, and found the ‘Pulse’, a quarterly journal on student start up initiatives. To top it off, Tvisha stood 1st out of 4500 students in a Global Case Study Competition organised by CBS, and carved her mark at a host of other case study contests.

20. Udeeshya Singh, Bal Shree Awardee

Uddeshya receiving the prestigious Bal Shree award in 2013 from Smt. Smriti Irani

An unparalleled performer and theatre exemplary, Uddeshya Singh has set milestones. Not letting cerebral palsy encumber his spirit, Uddeshya passed with laurels in Indian Classical Music from Prayag Samiti at Allahabad, before commencing on a decorated career as a keyboard player and actor. When physical ailment threatened to anchor him, he fought back in a remarkable display of resilience, acting even on his knees. 

With a plethora of shows to his name, including the Doordarshan broadcasted ‘Sapne Surile Sapne’ and ‘Meri Awaz Suno’, Uddeshya has risen the ranks of artistry and earned fame at such a young age, becoming a role model for the youth of India. He also added feathers to his cap by being honoured to present before Saroj Khan, Kumar Sanu, and Amir Khan amongst others.

Uddeshya is no stranger to accolades: he was awarded the prestigious Bal Shree award in 2013 by Smt. Smriti Irani, and the award for India’s Best Creative Child by former president Pranab Mukherjee. Further, the government of Uttar Pradesh honoured Uddeshya with an ‘Excellent Role Model’ award. Currently pursuing Political Science Honours at Hindu College, Uddeshya has also been published by the Hindu College Gazette.

Uddeshya receiving the award for India’s Best Creative Child by former president Pranab Mukherjee

Art occupies Uddeshya’s mind, body, and soul; it is his weapon against the largely ableist nature of university education. Moving above and beyond performance arts, Uddeshya also made a mark in the field of film production with his debut feature “Faisla”. Commended as an artistic feat of ‘raw genius’ by the film society of his college, it marked the coming of age of Uddeshya’s talent for cinema. Featured in a DU Beat interview, Uddeshya was quite reflective on the ripples made by his film.

Read about Uddeshya’s film here

21. Yash Prasad , founder of Qcademics

Yash Prasad is a second-year Commerce student at Ramjas College and the founder of Qcademics, PGmatch, and DU Queries Solved. Qcademics is an Educational Consulting Startup that has impacted the decisions of 50,000+ students in just 10 months since its inception. It helps students in areas including college admissions, stream selection, career opportunities, competitions, and accommodation facilities. Qcademics has a social media reach of 20,000+ students including international students from Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

As the Vice President at Ramjas Consulting Society, Yash heads a team of 30 aspiring consultants. He has won several M-Plan and Case Study competitions at prominent colleges like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow, Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), and Christ University among others. He is also the Vice President at FOCUS, the photography society of Ramjas College, and has led a team of 50 photographers and videographers on projects such as the Indian Film project 2020.

Yash also participated in the cleanliness drives aimed at cleaning the polluted banks of river Yamuna organized by Namami Gange, Ministry of Jal Shakti.

During his tenure as a Social Intern at Think India Bihar, Yash wrote a research paper on the topic, “The Role of Industries in Growth of Bihar.” He also has more than twenty podium finishes in various B-Plan, video editing, graphic designing, sports, and music competitions at institutions like NIT Jamshedpur, Gargi College, and Ramjas College.

Know more about Qcademics here:


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