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COVID Surge in NCR: DU Issues Fresh Guidelines

The University explicitly impelled all students and staff members to follow the new set of guidelines in view of the increasing COVID case load, which will remain in place till the 13th of April; only very essential work is to be allowed in the physical arena.

On April 3rd, due to the rapid spike in the Covid-19 cases across the NCR, the University of Delhi issued a set of fresh guidelines for the safety and well-being of the faculty as well as the students. DU has also adjourned all offline activities on Campus till the 13th of April.

These new guidelines have also been issued to all the corresponding affiliated colleges. Moreover, the order also addresses students who are currently put up at hostels and asks them to avoid physical presence for their academic work unless “very essential”. The new set of guidelines has been uploaded on the official website of Delhi University at du.ac.in .

The notice issued by the University states, “All the students are advised to stay at home/ hostel and avoid physical presence for their academic work to libraries, laboratory, etc. The offline activities on campus will resume once the Covid-19 situation is under control.”

The notice also continues to specify, “…unless very essential work will continue, with proper Covid 19 precautions which include thermal screening at gates with a valid identity proof along with the purpose of visit to the University campus, social distancing, prohibition of spitting in the public places etc. and wearing a mask is made mandatory…”

In the period between 24th March to 6th April, a total of 35,089 cases have popped up in Delhi NCR. Due to this sudden rise, numerous universities in the national capital such as JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia University have issued new guidelines to all the students as well as the staff members. 

As a safeguard, Delhi University has also specified that entry will be restricted inside the Faculty of Arts, Hostels, Science Labs as no outsider will be permitted inside due to the pandemic situation. These rules will remain in place till April 13. DU decided to strictly enforce these restrictions after 13 students and 2 staff members from St. Stephen’s College tested positive for Covid-19 and the campus had to be shut down. Alongside this, the booking of a conference center and seminar hall was also halted in the college.

The University of Delhi has requested all the affiliated colleges and departments to follow the Covid-19 restrictions issued by the authorities and has stated this decision as extremely important. The colleges will reopen for students once the Covid-19 situation in Delhi is reviewed. The situation will be reviewed in 10 days and a decision will be taken consequently. The University of Delhi urges all the Colleges, Departments, Centers, and Hostels to remain watchful to manage the increasing caseload.

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