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Calls for COVID-Care centres for DU Teachers and Students intensifies

Congress-backed Academic for Action and Development (AAD) moved for the establishment of COVID-Care centres within the varsity campus seeing the surge in the cases of the deadly virus. The university issued a general response in this regard.

DU Teachers, including some members of the Academic and Executive Council, wrote a letter to the acting Vice-Chancellor (VC) demanding an in-house COVID-care facility for the university’s teachers, students and employees. The University officials in response issued an invitation to organisations to set up such centres within the campus for the students and support staff.

“We are again facing a far worse situation and hundreds of teachers and employees are running from pillar to post for a single bed in any hospital. Some of them have lost their lives and many of them are struggling. In such a situation, the University should extend its hands of care and compassion to students, teachers and employees.”

– noted the AAD in their letter to the acting VC.

The AAD in their letter demanded the development of Level 3 facilities if not more. They called for urgent sanitisation and prevention methods, developing a home quarantine facility for employees with smaller accommodations. They also expressed their concern with regards to the lack of beds has been a major hassle in the NCR and consequently also led to deaths. “In this direction, we can have a dialogue with Delhi Government, DRDO, and other concerned departments/agencies. We have a MoU with DRDO,” said the teachers’ body. They urged the government to look into the model of COVID-facilities adopted by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD).

The University in reply to the same has conveyed its willingness to give access to its campus to organisations volunteering to set up these facilities for the varsity student and teacher body given the surge of cases in the national capital.

“Our medical colleges are attached to hospitals so it will not be feasible to use their services for the centre. We have been holding deliberations and are open to offering university space to organisations that may be willing to run it. We can give our grounds and stadiums for this purpose”

-said Vikas Gupta, Registrar, Delhi University inviting the participation of organisations in the creation of COVID facilities.


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