Bazinga : Even Semester Examinations Postponed

The even semester examinations which were scheduled for the May – June session have been postponed until further notice. This decision has been taken in regard to the worsening of the COVID-19 crisis in the country and its dreadful impact on the mental health of students.

On  21st April 2021, the Examination Department of University of Delhi (DU) declared that the semester examinations for the even semesters would now be postponed until further notice. The order was issued by the Dean of Examinations, Professor D.S. Rawat.

Everyone has been affected by this second wave of the COVID-19 virus. It would be unfair on our end to conduct examinations in such serious conditions. Many students have been affected as well. Hence, postponement would be the best option as per the department.” – Prof. D.S. Rawat, Dean of Examinations.

The department notified that details regarding the rescheduling would be announced in a week and will be uploaded on . The rescheduled date sheet will have enough gaps in between the exams for students to prepare for the same without any mental burden.

This decision was taken to reduce the mental stress on the students. The pandemic has already acted as a taxing element for individuals from all sections of society. Students haven’t been spared as well; they themselves or their near and dear ones have been affected by the virus. The conversations about the importance of mental health in this time of confinement have gained enough prominence and the Examination department believes in the same.

“This is a commendable step by the University of Delhi. Students need peace of mind to write exams. However with everything that has been happening around lately, everyone is both anxious and stressed.” – Professor, University of Delhi (DU)

However, there is a mixed reaction from students about the postponement. While some have welcomed the action with folded hands, many felt that this will further prolong their academic ventures. The ones in favour of the action believe that preparing for the examinations in such difficult times was an added burden for them. With the fear of the virus gripping them, concentration during the examination seems like a far-fetched dream.

“Half of my family members are suffering from COVID-19. I need to be there for them. In such times, it was difficult for me to study. The postponement has acted as a ray of sunshine for me.” – A second-year student.

There are some who are against this move of the Examination Department. These students feel that they have already lost months of academics in 2020. Further delay in conducting examinations would lead to delay in their academic ventures. This is an issue of high concern for the third-year students who have to move forward with their academic plans after the exams.

“I have applied and been selected for a college abroad that commences its session from July onwards. The postponement will pave a path for a series of delays; from results to everything else.” – A third-year student.

The step undertaken by the Examination department has its own pros and cons. While this move portrays the importance catered by the University towards the mental health of its students, the postponement also brings loads of issues in academic goals.

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