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AISA Calls for a Mass Email Drive: Demand Cancellation of Exams

AISA launches a Mass email drive, student masses across the Delhi University write mails to the Vice-Chancellor and other concerned authorities of the University; appeal for the annulment of Examinations amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, the All-Indian Students Association (AISA) DU gave all call for a Mass Email Campaign for the cancellation of Examinations at the University of Delhi. AISA aims at a mass email protest to the Vice-Chancellor and other respective authorities of the Delhi University.

Previously the University of Delhi decided to conduct Online examinations for the final years undergraduate and master’s students, scheduled to be held between May and June. This decision of the University was vehemently opposed by multiple student organizations as the unprecedented COVID-19 Surge has hit the academia with multiple families, students and teachers were affected by it. The students are giving a collective call to defer these examinations.

AISA claims that their decision for their Email Campaign comes after the Delhi University remains adamant on conducting online examinations amidst the most brutal health crises in the country, stating that the students have been suffering the loss of life, health and loved ones all over the country and several state and private universities have called off examinations, alleging the University to be ignorant and staggering.

AISA in its official notice claimed that students from all over the Varsity space mailed to the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Examinations, Dean of Student Welfare among other office bearers of the University. Implying that the demand for the cancellation of the examinations is unanimous amongst the student masses. Some students also engaged with the Social media sites sharing the screenshots of their mails, amplifying the negligence of the Vice-Chancellor as claimed by AISA.

The notice further says, “Online exams, as a practice in itself have proven to be highly exclusive and discriminatory to a vast majority of students who faced issues of network, resource and time. OBEs at this juncture, however, are a heinous crime against the student community and showcases the inhumane nature of the DU administration.”

A student activist of AISA, Abhigyan communicated to DU Beat stating, “Online exams, as a survey by AISA showed last year, are a very discriminatory practice as it is. But holding these exams in the midst of one of the greatest tragedies India is experiencing is staggering. DU has come up with a notification after AISA’s mass email protest that they will review this decision, however, the student community must continue the momentum for the demand of exam cancellation for the time being.”

“We also appeal to MHRD and UGC to step in and cancel all exams until this crisis is averted,” added Abhigyan.

At the end of the notice, AISA made a collective lookout that they shall stand with the student community and continue their struggle for the cancellation of exams while simultaneously contributing to the COVID relief programs being run at the national level with their full capacity.


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