17 Students Tested COVID-19 Positive in St. Stephen’s College

17 students and staff members of St. Stephen’s College tested positive of COVID- 19 on 2nd April, 2021. It has been alleged by the teachers that the misfortune occurred following a ‘chapel trip’ to Dalhousie by the students.

The Times of India (TOI) reported that the St. Stephen’s College had taken a group of students to a trip to Dalhousie during the mid-semester break and had returned by 31st March, 2021. The hostel facilities provided by St. Stephen’s College had opened for students from 10th January, 2021 onwards. Some of the students were present in the hostel and 25 of them went for the trip. The stated students tested positive for Covid-19 after they developed some symptoms of the same. This included a dean, mess steward and a security staff.

“Students were taken on the annual trip like every year. Till Friday afternoon, 17 people had tested positive. The college hasn’t issued any notice regarding the matter.” 

Anonymous Student, as reported by the TOI 

As per sources, teachers who reside in the college campus are very much concerned about the current scenario. A lot of blended learning had begun in the college, and the current situation has added to the woes. A member of the governing body had written to principal John Varghese and University of Delhi (DU), where the individual had put forward questions on the matter. The individual enquired about the two officials who accompanied the group of hostel students.

Snippet of the letter addressed to the Principal and DU, reported by the TOI

The letter also enquired about any information regarding permission from DU and the Delhi government before the conduct of the trip. The member also inquired about the silence of the college authorities on the large number of COVID-19 cases prevalent in the campus. 

“It is a little delayed, but I would request everyone’s cooperation regarding our present situation. At present, we have 12 students and two staff members who are COVID-positive. The college is under strict lockdown till Monday. Domestic workers can be given permission through the dean’s office. The inner campus is out of bounds till further notice. ”

 – Note sent by a college official to the teachers, reported by the TOI

It’s high time that the authorities take care of the situation prevalent in St. Stephen’s college in a responsible manner.

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