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The DUTA Jan Samvad: Beyond the Campus Paradigm

On 27th March, Delhi University Teachers’ Association’s members engaged with the general public through its Jan Samvad and informed them regarding the status quo of the crises in the 12 DU colleges funded by the government of Delhi.

On Saturday, March 27th, the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) organized its outreach program under the name of Jan Samvad for creating public awareness about the crises in 12 Delhi University colleges that are 100% funded by the Delhi Government.

Abiding by all the Covid-19 restrictions in place, the teachers, students alongside the other faculty members distributed pamphlets in the five strategic locations in New Delhi, namely- DU Metro Station, Nehru Place Metro Station, Rithala Metro Station, Dwarka Mor Metro Station, and outside Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College. The participants also talked to the students, parents, and the general bystanders, amplifying the gravity of their situation and the reason behind the teachers in Delhi University who are on a foray against the Government of Delhi. 

The teachers especially clarified to the general public the consequences of the draconian Pattern of Assistance document, as alleged by DUTA, that Delhi Government has been forcing the Governing Body of these 12 colleges to adopt.

The aim of this outreach program as itemized by the DUTA President, Rajib Ray is to take the movement beyond the Campus and to increase the participation in the outreach program in five busy sites in the NCR.

This outreach program was a rejoinder to the past actions of the Delhi Government regarding the funding of these colleges, the first was one was the payment of pending salaries and pensions of which one particular segment for around four months has been paid, the other amount which was promised for the 17th is yet to be released. The second part of the story revolves around the taking away of the Delhi College of Arts, for which the University has written a letter and is awaiting a response from the Government of Delhi. Also, there has been a popular rumour in the University environment that the 12 colleges would soon be taken under one state university’s paradigm, which indeed has created a panic amongst the students and the faculty members.

Rajib Ray, DUTA President, told DU Beat.

As per the DUTA, the public held a firm consensus that any attempt to privatize and disarticulate the corresponding 12 colleges from DU should vehemently be opposed. People were shocked to know the kind of ordeal that employees of these 12 colleges had to face during the lockdown and continue to face as salaries and pension are repeatedly delayed. People were strongly critical of the Delhi Government’s refusal to timely release Grants-in-Aid.

DUTA also stated that most people they interacted with had some direct and indirect relationship with the University of Delhi, either being DU alumni or having relatives and known ones studying there. They unanimously stated that the comparatively low fees in the University helped them a lot to pursue their studies. 

The DUTA alleges that the Pattern of Assistance provision is sinisterly prepared to run these 12 colleges on self-financing mode to escape government funding. This document also mentions the Board of Governors (BoGs) – very much the brainchild of the NEP – another disaster in creation. As per the DUTA, this privatization of DU will mug many of their dreams to pursue their studies in DU. 

Ultimately Ray supplemented, “The Delhi University continues to remain one of the premier central universities of the country and there should not be any tampering with its structure, considering the students as the primary stakeholder who have come from various regions of the country. It is not just the question of the conforming 12 colleges but a larger structural change of the NEP which is to come around in the University in the coming years. When a system is changing, the passing community of the students should consider the interests of the succeeding cohort, especially in terms of the Fee structure, in which we can see a gradual rise since the past few years.”

The DUTA warned the Government of Delhi claiming that it would step up its agitation if its long pending demands are not proximately met. The DUTA thanked people from all spheres of life who gave a very patient hearing to the Jan Samvad and offered their full unconditional support to the ongoing DUTA movement. The DUTA in the coming few days plans to reach out to more and more people beyond the compass of the campuses.

Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express

Nirmanyu Chouhan

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