Éclat- The Economics Department of Daulat Ram College Presents Economania’21

Éclat- The Economics Department of Daulat Ram College takes immense pleasure to announce the fun and intriguing events for its annual economics fest Economania’21 which is going to be held between 2nd to 4th March.

Following is the list of events :-
1.Fact-o-nomics: An economics quiz testing knowledge based on economics and few general questions.

2.Binge-Hunt: A treasure hunt game based on web series.

3.Puchta hai Éclat- An event providing you the platform to put forward your opinion on the most trending topic.

4.MemeShastra- A meme war challenging you to let the creativity and meme knowledge flow together.

5.Comedic Paribus- An economic stand-up for all the comedy enthusiasts.

6.Ars-Imperatoria: Case Study competition which will surely get the researcher out of you.

Mark your calendars!


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