Auburn Umbrella: Five Types of Ear Piercings

Got some new piercings recently, but don’t know how to style them? Here are five cool and trendy ways in which you can pierce your ears!

A lot of trends hit the fashion industry as we entered this year, and ear-piercings are one of them. From simple stones and pearls that are used to adorn ears to some more complicated styles, piercings seem to have established a hold over the fashion sense of Generation Z.  Here are five ways to pierce your ears:


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In stacked lobe piercings are made closer to your primary hole in the ear. It’s mostly done to make the center hole in your ear look prominent.

This piercing doesn’t touch the soft cartilage tissue. Thus, the extra perk of this kind of piercing is that it isn’t that painful. After you get pierced, the piercing will heal gently. You can then go on to try whatever jewellery you like. You can also get two new piercings placed vertically on your lobe.

Orbital Piercings

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As the name suggests, these kinds of piercings resemble the shape of an orbit or ring. In orbital piercing, there’s one big ring-shaped stud piercing your ear. The placement of the ring is such that one hole is connected with the other. This connection is bound by this loop like a ring.

It’s quite popular among men, however, anyone can explore it the way they want to. Cassie Lopez, a piercer in The New York says in The Glamour that a simple ring can make one look stylish.


Though it might look painful, if one understands the process closely, then it’s not anything to fear. In fact, piercers say that the pain is just relative.

The rook is basically a cartilage piercing in the top part of the inner ear. 

However, it’s suggested that if you want to go for a rook, do check out the kind of jewellery or strings of earrings that you can wear. One can complement the rook with their main piercing also. Similarly, you can match your orbital with a rook.


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Snakebites became popular as a trend of lip piercing. One could see young people wearing some sassy earrings or stones close to their lips. This version of ear piercing is a borrowing from the lip trend.

In snakebites, there are two piercings done very close to each other, with minimal distance between them. This piercing looks great with hoops or studs, and you can either mix and match your earrings or keep them identical. However, the healing process for this one can be a little intense since two piercings close together can cause extra swelling. 


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The conch (the star hoop here) is the inner part of your ear that, most popularly, can have a hoop cuffing the outside,” says Hayler, who notes that it’s one of her most-requested styles. She points out that while this spot is perfect for a hoop, it’s best to get it pierced with a stud to avoid irritation and “piercing bumps,” but can be swapped after six months.



Daith piercings (the plain silver hoop) came back into style a few years ago and haven’t gone anywhere, thanks to their versatility. “This is a piercing that can be dressed up or down depending on your jewellery choice,” says Hayler.

Unlike conch piercings, Hayler actually recommends starting with a hoop for this location. “Hoops are preferred for this one, for ease of healing and cleaning,” she says. “It’s important to take your piercer’s advice on the jewellery to make sure it isn’t too heavy for the location chosen.

So, if you’re not afraid of a little pain and experimentation, go crazy with these different types of piercings!

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