AISA Holds Protests For Reopening of Delhi University

A protest demonstration was organized by AISA along with some other organizations for an immediate reopening of Delhi University.

With the demand for the immediate reopening of Delhi University, the All India Students’ Association (AISA) held a protest demonstration on 5th March 2021 at the Arts Faculty, Delhi University. The protest was joined by other organisations as well such as AIDSO, BSCEM, DSU, PDSU, PACHHAS, Pinjratod, KYS, SFI, COLLECTIVE and Disha.

The demand was raised in regards to the digital divide present in our country which makes online education inaccessible to numerous students. The protest was joined by students from all over Delhi University and portrayed their support through the raising of slogans for the immediate reopening of libraries along with college campuses as a whole.

Image Credits: Manik Gupta

“At a time when the entire country has embarked on an unlock process including the opening of private coachings and private libraries, why do the doors of public-funded university campuses remain shut? Is it the fear of COVID outbreak or just another ploy to sabotage the student movement against the arbitrarily imposed privatisation process to further deprive those belonging to marginalized sections?”

Ritvik Raj, Secretary at DU, AISA

A memorandum was submitted by the delegations of the various organisations to the Vice-Chancellor where an ultimatum was declared that if the demands raised are not fulfilled at the earliest, the students of Delhi University will undertake the step of indulging themselves in a hunger strike for two consecutive days. 

“From the last one year, students’ have been repetitively addressing several issues they faced and are still facing due to the exclusionary model of online education, but they have been regularly ignored and lied to by the university admin. We can ser how commercialization and privatization of higher education have been pursued and advanced through the promotion of digital education’ agendas during campus closures over the last year. Also, despite massive opposition from teachers and students’, NEP 2020 was passed which is basically a blueprint for the privatisation of education and ideological takeover by the RSS. We have given an ultimatum to the university administration to reopen our campuses at the earliest or else we will stage a hunger strike to fight against the digital divide and opening of campus premises.”

Shreya Kapoor, Vice President at AISA

The hunger strike will be a medium to raise the demand for the digital divide and the immediate reopening of college campuses embedded with the required safety measures. It will include the following demands as well: all pending scholarships should be disbursed, adequate aids of Internet and laptops should be provided to all the students in need, the Central Library should be reopened immediately and uniform access should prevail for Hindi reading material and laptops for the upcoming OBE exams of the 1st year students.

The issues raised by AISA and the other organisations are the need of the hour for the students community. Only time beholds the answer whether it’ll yield a positive response or not.

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Featured Imgae Credits: Manik Gupta

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