Why Experiencing the Mountains is Necessary

Imagine- blushed cheeks, the warmth of the sun on your eyes, and a comforting nip in the air-one cannot possibly get enough of this. You may be a beach person, but you cannot deny the unmatched sense of relaxation one feels in the embrace of mountains.

For someone who was born and brought up in the bustling lanes of Delhi, having a house in the mountains is truly a blessing. Every summer vacation, going to the hills and spending all of my time doing mundane activities like reading, hiking, or gardening became my very own faith. The towering summits and distant snow-clad mountains reflecting the sun’s gleam gave me a sense of existential dread as a toddler. But, as I grew up, the mountains became this protective layer, capable of absorbing all my worries solely with their presence. 

Mountains acquaint you to an idea of living a slower lifestyle. Amidst the weak internet connection and lack of distractions, one is forced to sit back with a cup of coffee, and just absorb and listen. The next time you are in the mountains, keep your phone on silent, suppress the urge to click a picture, face a valley, and sit silently. I am sure that by end of the hour, you would have discovered something about yourself that was entirely unknown to you, and all because you decided to succumb to the mountainous haven of solace. 

I’ve always found the prayer flags strung across various summits and cliffs to be very fascinating. Whenever I see them, I feel a peculiar sense of homecoming and comfort. The flags, signifying the five elements, don’t include offerings made to the Gods but include prayers to be whooshed across the land through means of goodwill and good intention. Those colours of blue, white, red, green, and yellow reiterate the need to be balanced in all that we are and all that we do. They symbolise a sentiment of reverence bestowed on those mighty mountains that humble and enliven you in the same breath.

However, one should exercise caution against romanticising the mountains to an excessive amount. To be in the mountains is to search your own path of self-moderation in an environment that pendulums between the extremes. It is to garner the strength to process your thoughts and emotions and be vulnerable. No matter how unspiritual or irreligious you might be, gazing across the endless magnitude and sensing the ubiquitous serenity is bound to make you stop, reflect, and guard your conscience. This philosophical rethinking of living in the mountains might seem daunting, but small steps go a long way. Personally, the videos of mountain filmmaking company, Ronnie and Barty, are like a snuggle on a cold night, and never fail to remind me of the solitude of the mountains. All too often, we might take a trip to the mountains to bask in their beauty or to replicate an ideal Bollywood vacation, but look deeper and beyond, and take notice of the expansive stillness and silence. In the midst of all the chaos, you might just find yourself.

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Image Credits: @abhiandnow on Instagram

Tara Kalra



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