Online Class Misdemeanour: Seven Students Suspended

Seven students of the University of Delhi suspended for misdemeanour and unruly conduct with girls during online classes.

Trigger warning: sexual harassment

On 10th of February, seven students of the University of Delhi, belonging to the Aryabhatta College, were suspended for indiscipline and unruly conduct during the online classes. The action was taken after the women students filed a complaint regarding this misdemeanour. 

The college Principal, Mr. Manoj Sinha, confirmed that the University’s disciplinary committee had initiated the action. The notice to the students, who are all still in their first years, was also uploaded on the college website.

Mr Sinha stated, “The norms dictate that the notice of suspension has to be uploaded on the website. These students were also counselled so that they did not repeat the same misconduct in the near future. These students have already appeared before the disciplinary committee.” 

He also stated that these students had never attended college since they got admission during the entirety of pandemic. They had sent messages to many female students, after which the complaint was filed with a teacher. The parents of the students were also called to the college.
“However, the seven students remained defiant. As a result, the disciplinary committee had to intervene. Some of the complaints were also referred to the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC),” added Mr Sinha. 

All matters of sexual harassment are referred to the ICC in all colleges of the University of Delhi. An analogous episode had been reported in another college of the University last year during online facilitation of classes. With the nationwide lockdown and the transition to the online mode of education, several other cases of similar transgression during the online classes have simultaneously burgeoned across the nation. 

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Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Nirmanyu Chouhan