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DU and Vidya Vistar Join Hands to Bridge the Educational Gap

DU to introduce the Vidya Vistar scheme and open its doors to the underprivileged and colleges throughout the country to make quality education more inclusive and accessible for all by healthy collaborations and research exchange programs.

Vice-chancellor PC Joshi proposed a scheme, namely, Vidya Vistar (V2S), under which DU colleges will choose their own partner institutes from the backward and remote areas across the country and collaborate with those to share their academic expertise and conduct joint research. The scheme was launched this year with several DU colleges already drawing out plans to share their lectures, laboratories and libraries, and conducting student exchange programmes.

My vision for Delhi University is to open its door for others. We have started V2S which will open up DU colleges in remote areas. Already Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences has collaborated with a college in Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh and Aurobindo College is collaborating with a college in Ladakh.

VC Joshi said in an interview.

Following table enlists the DU colleges along with their partner colleges under V2S.

cr. Times of India

In addition to this, Kirori Mal College is also hoping to collaborate with a college from Odisha’s Cuttack and another from Manipur.

The principals of all these collaborating colleges cite community developments initiatives as the primary motivation behind taking up V2S scheme directives, in order to provide free education and expertise to the students of these underprivileged regions. They have proposed how the DU faculty members can teach them through online mode, and their faculty members can come here and use the laboratory/ library for their research. They call it a part of their duty to give back to the society, mentioning how there are times when these colleges are not even aware of government policies and insist on upgrading these colleges with collaboration.

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