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Athleisure in the Lockdown: Finding Joy, One Outfit a Day

Lockdown and quarantine have pushed most of us into a downward spiral of laziness and inability to get out of a never-ending rut. Your outfit, however, even if it’s just a pair of pyjamas and a T-shirt, can enormously change the way you feel and behave. Read on to know how you can channelise your inner fashion blogger this quarantine season. 

If you’re like me and have a habit of romanticising every bit of what you do, especially when you’re locked down in your house for a year straight (and are somehow not sad about it) then this piece of writing is for you. Lockdown has taught us that the world or the universe, whatever you’d like to believe in, has far greater and important plans than college fests and fresher parties, and sadly we have to accept these plans and move on with our sad little screens and remote internships.

If there is, however, one thing I’ve taken away from this year and apologies for using the most overused term ever-the pandemic then, it’s the ability to take simple and the little things and turn them into my sources of joy. An often overlooked attempt to catch a glimpse of control and sense in a world slowly losing all sense is, surprise surprise! The clothes that you wear. Trust me when I say your wardrobe holds enormous power to change the way you feel and even the way you perceive the world around you.

Take for instance that withered old T-shirt from your childhood with an ugly graphic of a cartoon character that magically still fits you, pair it up with a pair of flare-denims, buckle a chunky belt around with your most worn pair of high-top converse. Don’t (ever) forget the cute pair of earrings you always refrain from wearing or those silver chains and rings that you bought because you wanted a specific “Metal” vibe in your life. Paint your nails, straighten your hair, for all the world cares, cut your bangs! Do all of it, and I guarantee you if one is perceptive enough they will see the freedom that this phase of being locked down has given us. 

Working with athleisure or essentially the attire one chooses to wear when they want to unwind and relax, can be a very expressive and liberating experience. Imagine, your oversized hoodie styled underneath your father’s pinstriped blazer. Pop on a pair of your most comfortable jeans, coloured glasses and toss your hair in a sleek low-bun or tousle it around for that added insouciance, and voila!

You have an outfit that you put together entirely from what was already there in your wardrobe which didn’t require you to spend even one penny for an overhyped fad. A sustainable fad that a lot of people have got on board with however is upcycling your clothing and working with what you own and aren’t too fond of. Take that old cut-sleeved sweater, layer it over a crisp white Tee or steal that printed satin blouse from your mother’s wardrobe, change its buttons, crop and hem it and once again, you have an investment piece that is sure to make a lot of heads.

If you’re more on the creative side unlike me, you can also indulge in one of those tie-dye sets and completely transform your white sweatshirt which sadly wasn’t exactly white, to begin with. 

It is a flawed notion that tells us that we can’t combine comfort with style and add equal parts sustainability to it. Lockdown and spending a major portion of our time at home have given us all the creative leverage to revamp and reinvent our styles. A significant aspect of it must be to start with what you already own. Athleisure and comfort wear is centred around certain ease and laid back attitude, which if carried with the right sass can come off as so stylish and effortless. All that is needed is the right amount of confidence in yourself.

Even if you choose to wear sweatpants, style it with a pair of boots, a baguette, and a bucket hat and see your outfit transform in a matter of seconds. Similarly, to overcome that monotony of online classes, take the plunge, switch on your camera and add an effort, even if it means just putting on some kohl or switching up to a new hoodie. A camera on or not, making small and thoughtful efforts for yourself is a deeply integral part of engaging in self-care.

We are not entitled to look put together or beautiful all the time. On most days, an unwashed t-shirt and pyjamas with blankets are all that you need. But, on a few special days, push yourself and take that extra step. Open your closet and let it be an outlet for you to express yourself unapologetically-without any shackles. Trust me, a dapper outfit is truly a step towards a better world.

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